#16 I'm Glad That One Is Out of the Way

So, my 16th in my song a month until I run out of ideas project brings us to another punky-power pop type kind of thing. My home place probably.
I remain fascinated about where songs come from (not just mine) and in case anyone else is also interested the story behind this one is easily traced…
A friend who had heard the development of one of my earlier songs (Goodnight Mary-Ellen) suggested how good it had ended up and that i should be proud of it.
"To be honest, "I replied, “I’m glad it’s out of the way, can move onto something else now.”
“Now that is a song title, surely” he answered, “I’m glad that one’s out of the way has to be a punk song surely?”
Straight away i knew he was right and relatively quickly the song was completed.

Share, enjoy and stay safe good people. Cheers!

Hey Nic, this one worked, just like the others. If we were in the same neighborhood, we’d be in the same band! I’ve enjoyed following this series. Come stateside, and you can guest in a local gig here!

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Heh, heh…cheers, really glad you liked it.
Well I am looking for a band…not sure when I’ll be Stateside but sure to look you up if I am. :sunglasses: