A dood DAW mixer is when you see inserts and sends. It gives you opportunity to work fast. I’ve been using 8 inserts for 15 years. And I want fixed amount of inserts. Beginners pushed Steinberg to create more inserts which is nonsense. The less processing the better sound. Anyway if they want 250 inserts give them option to choose between 8 and 16. Steinberg as always shock me.

Bla bla bla… You don’t HAVE to use them all…

Steinberg has Cubase users working with sound-design and other diciplines which may abondon any “rules” in regular audio production.

I have personally never needed more than 6 pre + 2 post fader inserts, but after using Studio One I really preciated the possibility to load several compressors or eq’s fully set up for an easy A-B-C-etc comparison… Much faster way to compare plugins than to reload a new one, setting up again (or saving presets for each plugin long before decided which to use). Better to have them all in line, activate one at a time, and just remove the ones you don’t need when your selection is done.

That’s a couple of reason for Steinberg to listen to all their different customers IMO

I kinda like the sound of that.

You first switch you brain on then post something. I said totally different.

Ahh switching brains on! You do realise the mixer still shows inserts and sends. As it doesn’t show all 16 inserts at once, it increases as you add them! What is a dood DAW?