16 inserts per track

What is with keeping to 8 inserts, it’s like insisting on wearing flared trousers in the 80’s.

Please get a grip and at the very least add two more, be brave and allow 12 or go all out modern and give us 16.

Seriously 8 inserts is completely backward, disrupts workflow and is not a technical limit and would probably take 5 mins to re-code.

This should be in the next minor release version!

Treat us like professionals!

This was already one of the very first feature requests added today, and of course it will be made many more times until/if it is ever implemented in some future version of Cubase, but anyway… +1


Well that was for unlimited inserts which will just get ignored, lets starts with something steinberg might actually listened to


But you can root your track in a group, so you get 16 inserts.
Ok, it’s not the “cleanest” solution, but…

You can also switch to Studio One, which allows you to use unlimited number of insert effects. :unamused:

i think since everything is hard-coded to 8 inserts in the application, then it make sense to just make it unlimited (or, ‘unlimited’, like 128…), because once someone takes the time to dissolve the 8-limit, it will be as much work making it 16 as any other arbitrary number.

So, what are doing on Cubase forum, zyguli?

Working with Studio One, and post on Presonus forum :slight_smile:

…also with the unlimited inserts should come a warning system preventing the user from running out of memory…

You got it wrong. I was the guy that posted a request for mixer undo and unlimited inserts. My point was, people should be demanding more (unlimited) insert slots instead of settling for status quo and accepting ridiculous workarounds.

+1 for a higher insert/track limit. Several other DAWs allow unlimited plugin stacking to create a plugin rack. The workaround of routing into a group for additional FX is annoying.

…and put up with the limitations of Studio One.

+1 for more inserts. Or at least to be able to switch the last two between pre/post fader.

16 is way too much, but better than 8

I generally don’t need more than the 6+2 (pre/post fader) when mixing.

But it is quite handy to be able to load a few different compressors, eq’s etc, to A/B them, without having to clear/reload different plugin slots.

So it is a yes from me.

PS. For those saying no…you DON’T have to use them :wink:

Nice workaround : Mini Host, a plugin where you can stack multiple plugins

personally i prefer creating another group because any 3rd party plugin host won’t be able to take advantage of loading cubase-saved plugin chains from the media-bay (not an issue if you don’t rely on your own pre-set chains, of course). also, no hardware inserts in the vst chainers.

hmm i am curiose about it! beta still


Funny… I like chainers (Blue Cat’s is a favourite) as I can transfer the plugin chain between DAWs and not be limited to Cubase’s presets…