16 inserts per track

Well sometimes we hear new sounds/styles, and these come from somewhere.

I agree that for out of the box thinking some kind of sound design function should be possible/is needed.
So when designing the solution to use more buses is doable, right?

I also understand that creating sub stages is limiting the creativity…
There are vst plugins which loaded create more insert options, so if this plug has 8 insert options you can by loading 6 of these multipy the amount of vst insert to 46 plugins and 16 postfader.

Look for VSTBoard, MultiFXVST or Usine >>> https://www.kvraudio.com/product/usine-by-sensomusic

Yes in fact there is no limit in the DAW but the process workflow/organisation/managment could be better.

Usine looks interesting, thx :wink:
Yes MultiFXVST is great because you can macro automation, one other feature i wish inside Cubase.
Some other plug like the Blue Cat’s PatchWork, DDMF Metaplugin are good to.

But when using extra vst soft like them, it adds process that can involve stability issue in some cases. With heavy chain i prefer to add group directly in Cubase or use Ableton :wink:

Oups i mingled MultiFXVST and NYRV Devices.
Agent from NYRV Devices is the one that you can do macro automation. http://www.nyrvsystems.com/

as someone who has fallen in love with cubase… i have switched from Ableton and I find this limitation mind-boggling.

Indeed, it’s the “feel lucky” generation, no having a clue what they are doing, just stacking and swapping plugins and presets without end in mind until they hear something they like. If that’s not bad enough on it’s own, they also don’t (they think they do, but trust me they DON’T) understand the full potential and flexibility of a DAW.

Learn intended workflow first, before asking “features” like this. :laughing:[/quote]

Ha! Ya, and all it ends up doing is just becoming louder, so it’s better right?!?


Discussion is becoming stupid.
I’m out.

+1 I really dislike the such parts as inserts and send in the mixer as well. More precisely I dislike the need to minimize/scroll.

Oh yes!!!
Damn right!!!

I want much more inserts too!!!
16 or more.

I always miss slots in master bus!!!

I think there is a technical reason why Cubase has a limited number of inserts. I reckon each complete track gets a thread, if you were to add more inserts the liklihood of running an individual CPU core into the red increases. The stutters clicks and CPU overloads Cubase owners know and “love” will only get worse. Other DAWs seem to multithread much more intelligently, Cubase probably needs a huge part of its core ('scuse the pun) engine rewritten to remove the heavy thread bottleneck which seems to haunt Cubase.

That said the current 8.5 patch has sorted out many of my CPU issues - to a degree - I still find Mixbus and Reaper to be far more CPU efficient running exactly the same VSTs. I simply do not have to worry about project sizes in those DAWs.

It’s time to get out of the dark ages Steinberg. Everyone here needs to lose their tolerant mindset for this lazy kind of crap on their part. This “feature” shouldn’t need to be a request, this should be moved to the Issues board because 6 pre fader inserts is a technical problem as far as I’m concerned that reflects an aspect of Cubase that makes it an inferior DAW in 2016. Do the Cubase developers even produce music? I’m left asking this to myself almost everytime I use Cubase. No more workarounds! :imp:


I’m constantly running out of insert slots.

The other advantage of unlimited inserts would be a freeze function where you could still add inserts on top of a track that’s already frozen (more than just slots 7 and 8). Then if you choose to unfreeze, you wouldn’t have the problem of running out of slots.

+1 to 16 (or more) inserts and yes, add Freeze Points ala Traction to freeze at any point in the insert chain.

Random $0.02…

Here’s an example of using 9 inserts on a single channel in Studio One. People who say … “If you’re using that many plugins on a channel… yada, yada…” … don’t take into account things like this. I have other parallel plugin chains with more than 9 plugins. Having any artificial limit on the number of inserts (or sends) is an outdated concept.


Yeah, and notice in that image you can tab between all the insert plugins on that channel without having to open and close plugin windows! I want that, no, need that in Cubase.

Personnaly i rarely use all the 8 inserts slots, but if i have to, i can send the track to another group allowing to had 8 more inserts on the chain.
Or you can eventually think about using this :
It’s free, but it’s still in beta phase…

Yeah, this is what I find even more shocking than the 8 plugin limitation. I see people in here attacking others for asking for the most basic things. Lazy? Entitled? Really?

I just switched to Cubase from Studio One due to cpu consumption problems that S1 was causing. I figured Cubase would be the most like it since they sort of have the same roots, but of course I couldn’t demo it because I didn’t have an eLicenser and I must have missed this info if it’s on the comparison chart. This is burdensome for anyone who, like me, wants to do sound design and mixing while keeping all my plugins online in case I decide to change something.

Fortunately I use another DAW for production and got Cubase mostly for recording, comping and mixing, but I’m of course intrigued by the idea of using it for some production as well given the extensive midi capabilities. An 8 plugin per track limit is a huge minus though. Sometimes I want a couple different distortions in parallel. Sometimes I play with an idea for some effect or modulation and decide to disable it but want to keep it around in case I change my mind. Sometimes I need to add (gasp) an entire insert for a very subtle effect or use two compressors in serial. Sometimes I need to add a little utility plugin to do some gain trimming between inserts. I don’t want to have three tracks side by side for the same thing, nor do I want to be told that it’s excessive or lazy by people who take personal offense to criticism of the tool they use to make music (how ridiculous. get yourself an identity).

As I’m learning the ropes of Cubase I find myself feeling utterly wowed by certain inclusions, workflow and workspace considerations, detailed options, etc. And then I run head first into a “how in the blue hell is it like this in 2016” moment and my enthusiasm dulls a bit.

Better go for unlimited, as when we could have 16, suddenly everyone want’s 32, just being to greedy :wink:

But seriously, if it won’t break the audio engine, then why not?

Anyhow I see myself tweaking the 16 insert track … with huge latency!

That’s the only thing I care about really, LATENCY. Cubase is already getting less and less tactile version after version
I just want to be cautious for cluttered and slughish interfaces.
Cubase needs to get into shape not binge out on options.
But if it can be done while not affecting anything above, why not.

I have my personal opinion on workflow, but if people really want to mix and match that many plugs, it their call, not mine.