16 inserts per track

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I’m also for giving us more inserts. I need them every time



just for noobs who repeatedly asking “why the hell you need more than 6 pre fader inserts”. Please, ask Dave Pensado first :slight_smile:

If someone sell DAW titled “Creativity first”, then 6 pre fader insert slosts are not for Creativity at all. No matter who you are (mix engineer, composer, sound designer, etc.)

More insert slots mean more freedom.

Re: 16 inserts per track?? My god you must have something seriously wrong with a track to need 16 inserts! What on earth would you need 16 inserts for?

I don’t get how having more inserts would be disadvantageous to anybody, even if they don’t need 'em personally :confused:

Anyways, to answer your question: Just a quick example, that came to my mind: Future Music in the studio with Dada Life (starting around 12:57): https://youtu.be/uo6pKyQjd_I?t=777
I didn’t count the inserts, but its defenitely closer to 16 than 6.

And a more general example for a typical plugin chain if somebody wants to mimic an analog signal flow ITB:
(1. Console Channel/Preamp)
2. Tape
3. Surgical EQ
4. Serial Compressor A
5. Serial Compressor B
6. Musical EQ
(7. Analog summing)

Now, it wasn’t too crazy if one would like to add something like Distortion/a limiter/exciter/gain-staging/metering/chorus,… was it?

apart from sound-design duties where much more than 16 are often used, you may want to have more slots occupied but not necessarily turned on-- a typical scenario may be to have several compressors ready to be flipped between, as part of a saved insert chain that you regularly draw for a certain type of mixing duty. this type of limitation then seriously hinders workflow, because, as has been said, resorting to group channels is cumbersome and kills the flow. to sum it up: one person’s workflow may not work for another, and this day and age an 8-insert plugin limit is entirely arbitrary, and lazy, coding-wise.

Also good points. And i think we could add a lot more to that list, but basically it comes down to the questions that have been mentioned before:
Would the ability to add more inserts harm anybody?
And is there a reason to limit people’s workflow in that regard, nowadays?
I think i never heard of anybody complaining about Ableton Live or Logic because the let you use too many inserts. :wink:

OMG. I thought that all disputes have been completed already. :laughing:

At the beginning of the topic, i thought that only my need was the case to increase the number of inserts, but as we are progressing in the topic (4 pages now) I discovered other needs and exemples from the users, i guess now it’s even more important to us to break this limitation.
Mine is preset management (get rid of the 2 groupe track preset) for some rythmic fx, sound design effect, etc…

All needs and exemples are describe earlier in the topic :wink:

Guys make sure to not miss https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=226&t=89718

:imp: :smiling_imp:

In the case it would not cause instability I’m in, but only for the guys and dolls who need this.

In real day practice I would need it occasionally (rare situation I admit) for one or two channels, by using an extra bus I would get were I need to be…

+1000 please. I’d like to see a dynamic number of inserts with the pre/post settings adjustable as well. Not just 16…

I very quickly and regularly use up the current pre 6 slots - e.g. tape emulation, then mixer bus/channel emulation, then autotune (perhaps even 2 to tweak slow then fast notes), then a couple of compressors (again to catch fast and slow transients or large and small peaks) then say a posh characterful EQ. That’s already 7, and we’re not including de-esser for vocals or any other special FX for guitar like phaser or flanger, or even A/B’ing two or three compressors say.

So, particularly with the plethora of analogue channel emulations which might well now be put on every channel I’d say we definitely need more than pre 6 inserts to bring us into the modern plugin-tastic age :mrgreen:


One of the main reasons for me to jump over to ableton, was of the multiple inserts…
Nowadays with electronical music it’'s alomost a must…
and 4 the people who say it’s not like that, please open your eyes :wink:
For the traditional mixing (bands etc.) it’s not really important, but dance music is so much sound design these days

And i’ll hope that steinberg finally make the step for unlimited inserts

Keep my fingers crossed

Open letter to our customers
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Dear customers,

Our philosophy is based around the company motto “Creativity First” which drives us to innovate and search for new tools and continue to develop new technologies. Failing to do so would be acting against our core values.

Tending to customer feedback is and always will be one of our top priorities. Although we may occasionally not find the time and resources to post a reply on each and every one of the threads, posts and comments across all community channels, this doesn’t mean we are not reading and listening to our customers’ sentiments. You are passionate about our products and services, and we cherish your continued support.

As we have done in the past, and as you deem necessary once again, we are now collecting your comments and suggestions from which we shall compile a list. We shall share this list with you in January, giving you the opportunity to involve yourself with prioritisation of mentioned points.

The second step will have our engineers assess feasibility of the prioritised list to see which points can be delivered up until the next major update. These will then be shared with you.

As always our paramount focus will be on ensuring stability and usability throughout implementation.

We highly appreciate your confidence in us to live up to our commitment in providing you with only the very best.

Kind regards,
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I just saw the survey result…
It seems that we have a long wait before seeing this feature implemented in Cubase.

The survey result :

Oh my word, we need to have more inserts!! Every time I mix in Cubase, I run out of slots. It’s so frustrating.

  1. Autotune
  2. SSL Duende Channel for HPF and gate
  3. Slate VTM
  4. Slate VCC
  5. Fabfilter Pro Q2 for surgical cuts
  6. Compressor
  7. Oops, I’m out of slots and haven’t got any more room for a de-esser, second compressor, dynamic EQ or sweetening EQ!!!

To be able to compare different compressors, Eq’s etc, on the same track in a fast and effective way, is one BIG reason.

I have never used all 8 inserts as the final processing chain before.
But after having the opportunity to use the above scenario in Studio One, I have found it to be a great way to try out and compare different things without having to load/reload plugins many times (only too loose your settings).
When decision is done, I just remove the rest.

Let’s add here that we need to be able to switch the slots between pre and post, because right now I very very rarely use post, so that’s effectively two slots out the picture already.


Big +1!!

16 is not enough, but could be a start. I like to add different plugins, tweak them and keep them on bypass, so I can experiment different combinations. One cool thing would be for Steinberg to add the functionality of the new track version to the inspector as well.