16 Track quick controls

I would like to see an upgrade on the amount of track quick Controls. 8 is not enough as we try to get back to a hands on approach to console mixing in the box. For example if I’m mixing with SSL plugins I have to set my controls for the eq and then reset them again for dynamic section. With new update to the midi remote in cubase 12 everything works fantastic. If we got an additional 8 track quick Controls it would set cubase miles ahead of any of the other DAW. Please give us an update


I know this is pretty self explanatory but I really love the Focus Quick Controls feature as well as the mapping of the midi controllers.
It’s just liberating and beautiful, there are already a few plugin and vsts that I’m literally using and mixing without looking just by using my midi twister.
I’ve learned so many new things and my ears improved so much this way since cubase 12 came out.

But 8 quick controls are way too limiting, like I can use just a few plugins (most of them with so many compromise) this way and I really don’t want this feature to just die without an expansion of control slots in the future.
Also why isn’t it possible to map the channel strip the same way you can map the eq?

What do you think? Is there the possibility for an expansion of FQC slots in the future? Maybe even with 12.5? :smiley:


Hi and welcome to the forum,

It has been requested many times. Please support the other request(s).


I’ve merged this topic with another similar recent feature request.


Thank you and sorry for opening a new thread, I understand that the feature have been requested before but are FQC virtually the same as QC?
I do think 8 Quick Controls per channel could be enough for some people but FQC should definitely be expanded to even more than 16 slots (so many controllers on the market have 32 knobs for example so why not making it unlimited or expandable as much as you want?)



Yes and no. Quick Controls are track based. Focus Quick Controls are current plug-in window based.

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Or Quick Controls pages, like 8 controls for page and pages could be changed with a midi remote command, that way we can assign several pages for plugins with lots of controls like ssl emulations.


Tanks for your interest in this topic. As musicians and producers we want a hands on experience creating music. I don’t want to be reaching for a mouse and keyboard with a guitar in my hand or when I’m mixing with channel strip plugins. I have 2 midi devices one that controls cubase and one for plugins and vst instruments. With cubase 12 midi remote it is very tactile in the studio, I would say about 9/10. More quick controls = 10/10. Keep the pressure on Steinberg.


Just need to be able to create a control size (8, 16… like with the mixer bank zones) and then page across that. Like many DAW’s offer. And indeed possible using the Mackie MCU/C4 protocols for years and years before now.

Can’t see why anyone would create a ‘new’ MIDI remote and make it so rigid with 8 fixed ‘quick’ assignments. This should’ve been one of the biggest bullet points when the MIDI remote functions were highlighted for improvement.

Trouble is, you don’t know whether to sit like a lemon for a few more years hoping it will get added, or just use something else. Depending on it’s importance for the individual, of course.

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Totally agree and I’am sure this functionality will be added very soon

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Matthias mentioned in another topic that a Track Inspector revamp is being considered for a future version of Cubase. This wont be just a visual update like Cubase 4/6/8, but a full redesign aimed at improving workflow and getting rid of some old quirks.

This doesn’t confirm that extra Track Quick Controls will be coming in the same version, but if it happens, this along with the MIDI remote revamp should make such feature requests a lot simpler to implement in the future.

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‘Considered’ for a future version of 12? Or beyond?

Been waiting since November 2020 for the MIDI Remote where it’s delay was put down to being a huge project that required “well-thought concepts and carefully designed UX.”

We’re still stuck with 8 quick controls, can’t do anything like the MCU mappings as we had before - it’s hardly a well thought out concept at this stage.

And now we wait for… 2/3 years more?

Cubase is capable of paging already if you scroll the mouse in the remote racks layer control…

But there’s either zero interest, or lack of ideas to add those two controls as binds in the MIDI Remote.

Amazes me how stuff like this goes through the “well thought concepts” stage, through to development, through beta testers and then out the door. Where’s the hunger for improvement at Steinberg? They used to be pioneers, now they struggle to keep up when it comes to modern advancements. :frowning:


I was about to ask the same question
8 controls are not enough :-1:

Please Steinberg, do something!

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So I guess if they expand QC there’s the possibility that they might not expand the FQC slots.
which is fine I guess, although my thread was only about the FQC and merged with this one, I really hope that feature won’t be overlooked.

As of now it mainly feels like having a bunch of “lesser” macros as every FQC controls only one parameter at a time.
But I’m still really excited about midi remote as the feature looks very promising and user friendly.

Also adding the possibility to activate the channel strip effects. you can control every fx since the latest update that added the “selected track” option to every parameter but you can’t activate the strip from the midi remote for some reason as the “effect type” parameter will just deactivate the effect .
But yes I know this is off-topic.

I spoke with one of the developers regarding the use of a paging system that already exists and they personally don’t like the fixed 8 parameters:

Trouble is, seems that existing structure cause quite the obstacle. Which is my biggest issue with the new MIDI Remote, it’s practically built on top of what was there instead of being from the ground up to address such issues at the core.

So I don’t think we’ll see an expansion of QC any time soon. If it were to happen it would need to have happened much sooner in the process.

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Suppose you want to manipulate more than 8 parameters on a track. Before Cubase 12 the advice was “use Generic Remote” but Generic Remote is officially deprecated. So now what? For example, I’m using Vienna Synchron Player, which has 20-ish parameters for an instrument (varies somewhat).

I would be perfectly happy if “Generic Remote” were taken off the Endangered Feature list.

Well, that’s exactly what this topic is about. and the solutions available detailed above.

The main difference with MR vs GR is that you would assign parameters 1-20 to your controller, and then set what those parameters are via the Remote Control Editor (for each plugin).

The big advantage vs Generic Remote is that you are controlling the selected instrument on each track, as opposed to mapping specifically to Mixer Chan 1, or 2 etc. (Which you can do, also).

The Generic Remote won’t be removed until the new MIDI Remote offers similar functionality. But in this regard, it’s already covered - if not a slightly different method.

Hi I have now mapped all my channel strip plugins to my minilab controller. Just as you said map your contoller to track insert parameters in remote editor. Just one tip set rotary knobs to scaled and pads to trigger as it will result in a smooth response. Then go too your insert on a track and open midi remote editor and clear all assignments. Then click on each cell in learn mode and map the plugin whatever way suit’s. Save and your done. Thanks again for the method. Speeds up everything 100%

16 quick controls please.

You can do as many as you want with the new MIDI Remote, you just set how many parameters per bank you want (3:05 in this video):

You do require a separate page for instruments and inserts though, is the only negative. So it’s more based around VST quick controls than Track QCs.