16 vs 32 GB Ram

hey guys, are 32 GB of ram nowadays really necessary in DAWs or is 16 GB just sufficient. I do mostly use VSTs like Diva, Omnisphere or Native Instrument VSTs, not so much large sample libraries. Is there still a benefit from more ram?

Well I have 32 GB ram, on big mixdown projects (whats big, I have now and then 24 tracks) Cubase rarely uses over the 2GB of memory. When loading Halion+VG2+BFD3 I got till 6 GB used memory so still had 24 GB free. It all depends on your workflow and if you’re using big sample libraries. The benefit I still have is that my caching mechanism has plenty of RAM to cope with :slight_smile:

Same here. … except in my case you can replace “rarely” with “never”. It’s all about usage profile: if you use no/only few memory-hungry VSTi:s memory is never a problem.

Adding memory doesn’t give you any advantage if you don’t need it. You only benefit from more memory, if your project doesn’t fit into current memory.

My current motherboard died on my last night. The pc upgrade package I bought has 32 GB RAM which is 8 GB more than what I have today. If cubase doesn’t use it I’ll turn most of my RAM into a RAM-drive. A fine example of a first world problem.