£160 Cubase 8- 9 upgrade or jump ship £150 Logic Pro x


I do like Cubase which I run on a mac. But it seems to always still have bugs despite the yearly upgrade fees

I am tempted to buy logic x for the same cost of the Cubase upgrade. And logic x is a One time price. And dongle free. (Having the dobgle hanging out the side of my laptop always breaks my creative flow seeing this red light blinking out the corner of my eye, it’s like bad feng shui, like if you have a cluttered studio )

What are your thoughts ?

Upgrade Cubase and buy some of this to put on your dongle

Thats ridiculous - Man up and choose a DAW that meets your demands.

If the bugs are getting you down then absolutely go use Logic. If its the red light on the dongle look in the mirror and question your life choices.

Ha you seem like a most pleasant person to work alongside. Remind me to not to take my TV projects to you

Hey dude I’m pleasant, but you came on a forum to ask peoples opinions. Thats mine!

The red light on your dongle is no reason to move DAW.

Maybe I should have phrased it differently. The two DAWS have similar feature sets and usability, and as in the title, I was referring to which provides better value for money under those circumstances.

It feels like 160 to update cubase each year is excessive when to buy it outright is 468. And with logic it’s more or less a one time purchase of only 200.

I get it’s a business, and fully support that, but a 35 % upgrade fee each year for relatively minor updates seems a lot.

If it was clear cut as to which was better or which i preferred, it would make my choice easier but as they are similar I am tempted to go with logic. The fact that I am a long time user of cubase and therefore used to it makes the choice difficult. I am also reading there are many issues with 9 on the mac, it seems like there are always bugs that you have to tediously work around to get a smooth workflow.

I’m running C9 on mac and bug wise I’m not having any problems in day to day running, I don’t think I’ve crashed yet. I think Cubase is by far a better DAW these days, more so over logic than it previously was.

But yeah Logic is cheaper and some peeps swear by it. It’ll be interesting to see what the next iteration of Logic is like.

thanks for the reply. Are you finding any performance improvements in terms of cpu or ram usage ? (I’ve heard logic x may be more optimised / efficient for the mac )

Yeah logic is optimised for mac.

Cubase is fine tbh - I’ve not had real problems. I’ve not a big project that really pushes it yet though it has to be said. I think the plugin sentinel is a good step forward highlighting potential problem plugins.

I like Cubase but it seems that there’s been lots of confusion in the past few years at Steinberg. Slow updates.
Good and bad features implemented. One year it’s this GUI and the next it’s another GUI.

I got many updates in the last few months from Apple. It’s been about 7 months since 8.5.20 was released.
Cubase 9 is one step in the right direction but I think it should have been released years ago. In other words Steinberg is ahead in some areas but behind in many other areas/features. Too many bugs/issues.

My conclusion is that Logic Pro X offers better/cooler synths and sounds and is a more stable DAW. That’s enough for many to switch. But if like many you have lots of money invested in Steinberg hardware it’s cheaper to keep her.

£199 for logic vs Cubase if I were you I would switch for now like many did. Until Steinberg up their game. Maybe comeback later or wait for the next Logic version which should be out soon. Another option would be to wait until this fall to upgrade, that would give Steinberg time to fix issues and you would get 9.5 for free if you activate after October 15… Also it doesn’t hurt to have both.

Hey thanks for the insight. I’m really tempted now to move to logic. Just wish I could trial it first. Logic has just been upgraded. So don’t think the next version will be out for a year at least. And people are really raving about this new update.
I would miss Cubase and the sample track looks like a really cool tool for inspiration and I don’t think logic has anything like that. But I’m always dealing with bugs and work around although it seems like it’s stable now by all accounts despite a big thread about mac issues I noticed today.
I use fcpx and it’s amazing. I’m thinking if logic is anything like that in terms of stability etc I would rather move there. All of apples own software in my opinion works really well. I just won’t look forward to having to learn a new system again.

Get the trial and see if it’s bug-free enough for you. I also suggest waiting for the next Cubase maintenance patch.

To be honest though, it sounds like you’ve already made up your mind and don’t necessarily want other opinions.

I have both: Logic Pro X and Cubase 9.
Although Logic Pro X is a wonderful DAW, I really prefer working in Cubase. It’s more logic than Logic is for me. Logic’s workflow always slows me down (it’s more complex), while I find Cubase to be more creatively stimulating.
No bugs here.

No i genuinely am interested in other people’s opinions and am thankful for your reply. There doesn’t seem to be a trial version which would help a lot if there was.

I keep swaying between the two. And don’t want to flit between two applications but make a decision and stick to that software.

Another big factor for me is that the majority of recording studios I come across use logic so transferring my projects there is easier rather than having to export all my stems from Cubase.

Having said all that although my head says go with logic also in terms of stability with the mac platform, my heart says stick with Cubase regardless of the yearly upgrade cost of £120

Hey thanks for the reply. I agree with you totally. Though apparently the new Logic Pro x just out is really good.

The one other thing that bugs the heck out of me is there being no retina support. Logic x looks amazing and Cubase looks slightly blurry. It’s ridiculous. And it really makes a duffetence to your enjoyment in using it.

It’s stable for you ? What platform are you on ? Mac?

Awesome a cool space grey £3k laptop with an attractive ducktaped USB stick dangling off a dongle to the side. :confused:

There should be a trial after the first maintenance update. (hopefully)

It’s actually 75$/£ a year.

If you earn money from your work, you should consider workflow first. If you need to meet deliverables, make sure to be confortable enough with Logic to work efficiently before making the switch. Often, features for features many DAWs offer the same. But the actual way to use them vary so much.

In my opinion, I don’t care paying around 75$/year to be up-to-date and just enjoying the tool I’m used to. Learning a new DAW and feel confortable with can take a lot of time.

If you need fresh air, try Logic. You’re only 200$ away from a possible mistake :wink:

Something to bear in mind though is your upgrading price is way off the mark. My last two updates were not £120 a year

They were £32 for 8 to 8.5
and £80 from 8.5 to 9.
over two years.

It is my opinion the low count of maintenance updates is poor for Cubase though.