1612 error code when I try to install an update

I.m not able to install the update i get a 1612 error code when I try to install the update and when I try to uninstall Cubase 11. I believe there might be something worng witrh my registy. I purchased a registry cleaner (restoro) but it hasn’t worked. Can any one point me to a place where I can check my cubase 11 registry entries?
Many thanks
( ps I blieve this may have been called when we has a power cut as it have a similar problem with UAD2)

I believe, as you indicate, this is caused by missing files that are listed in the registry that the Windows Installer looks for.

Have you tried this MS utility? Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed

Thanks Steve that was brilliant. I’ve managed to install some other things that were broken ( UAD2) and now when I try to install cubase 11 I don’t get the 1612 error code, The installed just hangs, all the other component of cubase 11 have installed fine, Cubase 105. still running fine. I’ve tried running the installer from SDA and from the installer in the folder and as admin, but it still just hangs
Any ideas?

Since I do not know what you actually did with that utility, I’ll just suggest you try to uninstall the problematic ones using it.

Sorry Steve
I used the utility to fix the registry for Cubase 11. I tried to install cubase 11.0.01 after that fix but ti still didn’t allow me ot install. So then I used the utility to uninstall cubase 11. But I still can’t install cubase 11.0.01 and I am trying to install the full install not the update ( thought they do look the same) I’ve also downloaded 11.0.01 direct from the steinberg website, but the installer still hangs

Afraid I don’t have any more hints for you. Sorry!

This is stuff you have to be at the computer locally to troubleshoot.

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Can’t you roll back windows back via the recovery options?
A backup of the registry is kept when Windows creates a restore point. If you think the registry has corrupted.

You can restore only the registry via a command prompt trick too.

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Well thanks for all you help anyway Steve. Much appreciated

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Thanks jumptoes. Can you tell me what the command prompt trick is please?

Yeah, something along these lines:-

I’d do an actual system restore to a date before the problem occured if you can personally.

The more manual tweaking and changing you do, there’s an increased risk that the only solution is a complete windows install because system files and registry are out of sync.

Lovely thanks very much. I’ll have a look

Just noticed this section of text on that link:-

It may be that you can’t do this, if those files are 0kb. Don’t copy them across.

I manually had to copy registry a few years back so wasn’t aware of this change, sorry.

Oh well. Thanks for trying!