16th notes without beams ??

What I want to get

with these settings, this note pattern will not work.

Who can help. ??

It’s not possible to show secondary beams over rests like this unless you’re using stemlets, as you’ve found. This has been discussed before on the forum.

Even if the boss says, it does not go: here the possibilities of the program with a trick used, in order to represent it nevertheless.

Merry Christmas for Daniel and his team

And has been discussed before, the trick isn’t really satisfactory. I predict, however, that sometime in the next decade a GUI music notation program will finally be able to notate Dvorak’s Humoresque and Grieg’s piano concerto without using a workaround.

Dear all,
Simply a little post to thank the team for the humoresque beaming feature in 3.5. I was able to correct a file I had produced in February. The correction was not automatic, I had to delete and input back the last two notes of each concerned group of notes for the new option to be active. Hope it helps!