17 Additional downloads since 11/12/2020!

On 11/12/2020 I downloaded all the recommended and optional downloads listed for Cubase Pro 11 in the Steinberg Download Assistant. I just looked again, and now there are 17 more! Are there still more to come?

I just realized that the download folder I selected on 11/12/2020 was the Cubase Pro 11 Update. The additional downloads are in the Cubase 11 Pro folder. I am a bit confused. I am updating from Cubase Pro 10.5.

If you update from 10.5 Pro to 11 Pro, you only need the Cubase Pro 11 Update version, since most of the stuff is already installed with 10.5. The other one is the full version of C11, which you only need if you have uninstalled all previous versions of Cubase and all it’s components / addons and want to do a clean install of C11 from scratch.

That makes sense. I just looked at all the Cubase folders listed in Steinberg Download Assistant, and I see that all the 11 versions have many downloads, while all the older versions are compiled into one. I don’t remember seeing all the downloads like this before.

Yes it seems they’ve changed the download system with v11.
I downloaded all the recommended and optional downloads when I updated from v.10.5 to v.11 and everything seems to be there.

They broke up the downloads in C11 so folks who don’t need or want some of the huge Content Sets don’t have to download them anymore.

Very happy, that I can now choose, what to download!

Well done, Steinberg!

What if we’re updating from 10? Is there anything in the full Cubase Pro 11 download folder that I should consider downloading? In particular were there any sounds or sound packs that were new to 10.5?


In the Steinberg Download Assistant, there is an Cubase 11 update option, where only the new stuff to download is shown.
Hope this helps a bit, as you come from C10, I don`t know which VSTContainers were introduced in 10.5.

All the best.



Always nice to have choice.

I too came from 10.5 but I selected the full C11 download.

I installed it and everything is wokin’ fine.

Also, C10.5 still works.


I came from 10.0 and there are indeed some updates in the sound packs, Retrologue, Padshop etc. I would recommend to download and install the full content of C11 if you skipped 10.5.