#17 Just Like Judy (We Can put on our own show)

Fewer guitars than usual as I dust off the ivories for this month’s song in my self imposed record a song a month until I run out of ideas project.

Share, enjoy and stay safe good folk.

Hey, glad you are not yet running out of ideas. I don’t have anywhere near as many ideas that work. I have a lot of bad ideas! Great job!

Thanks…here’s to hoping the ideas keep coming though the pile of song ideas in progress is shrinking.
Glad you liked it, take care, Nic.

Hi Nic,

Always like your music. Really well constructed song, and with such a positive theme. Thanks for sharing.

All the best


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And thank you very much for commenting, glad you liked it, thanks for your kind words. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Go well, take care and cheers! Nic.