#19 New Believers

The latest in my song a month until I run out of ideas and/or steam. This one was a bit of a change for me as someone suggested I get some other folk from around the world to add their voices to the final chorus…so I put the word out and amazingly 11 people responded with 34 excellent vocal tracks. Indeed I liked what they’d done so much I used a bit for the intro too.
They weren’t all Cubase users by the way though several were. :slight_smile:

Share, enjoy and stay safe folks.

Hi Nic, the chorus at beginning and end is definitely cool. How did you manage to make them sound like they were all together in one room? I would have liked to hear them again somewhere on a chorus in the middle.

Song is very good; glad you’re not running out of inspiration! Like the way the guitars sound on this one, especially on the solo.

Cheers Early21, thanks as ever for your encouragement and glad you liked it.

In general I didn’t have to do too much to get them all to sound in the same room, it was all other home recordists who knew what they were doing and gave me good dry files. I then did a little bit of EQ and then just used a reverb to put them in the same space. Overall most of the voices just fitted with very little input from me.
Yes, I wasn’t sure whether to use them on all the choruses or not, it may have had a more cohesive feel that way but the original idea was a crowd singalong type thing, then some folk sent in some lovely harmonies which kind of changed it. As soon as I put them together I knew I wanted to start like that. Sometimes these things just work!

Thanks again, Nic;.