19yr old song, dug out of the cupboard


Trying to be productive, I whipped an old song I wrote (2001) that has pretty much been dormant it’s entire existence and thought I’d have a go recording it. Kinda a bouncy hip-hop rock 'n roll Church song Always was a bit low for me to sing (a bit of the back story is on the Youtube clip), but I wanted to keep it as true to how I originally thought.

Still trying to wind a bit of ‘honky’ tones from my vocals, but I conceded a long time ago that I’ll never sound like Steve Perry regardless. I tried a few different ideas to ‘quasi’ master (eg pretend mastering, not the real deal . . . ) and I think it turned out ok. Steep learning curve . . .

Anyhoo, let me know what I can to to improve it! I think these things are almost a perpetual work in progress!