1st/2nd time only, etc.

I do a lot of both rock writing and choir arranging that requires the use of “play on verses 1 & 3” or “2nd time only” notation. While I’m mostly interested in the notation aspects of Dorico, it would be nice to get playback to observe these directions. Has anyone figured out a workaround to get the playback to mute passages contained within repeat signs on specific playthroughs? I’m trying to do a mock-up of a ska tune where the horn section only plays a particular passage during the second repeat, and using first/second endings isn’t an option because of where it’s located.

(Apologies if this has been answered already — my search didn’t really yield any useful results.)

There’s no solution yet, no… you have to write it out for playback to be accurate.

The Dorico Team is aware of the need, so a solution is likely sometime in the future. No one who may know can say when just yet, which is standard operating procedure and is fine.

I figured this would be the case, but just wanted to see if someone had come up with a neat enough work around, so thanks for the confirmation. I think I can manage by having two copies of the score, one with the repeats written out for playback and the other to actually read as a chart for now.