1st attempt with Trilian bass vsti

Hi all - so I just received Trilian yesterday and am thrilled with this vsti!

Here’s a sample of a first attempt using its acoustic upright bass modeling:


I welcome your feedback on how the upright bass is sitting in the mix. I also used Ivory and multi tracked the rest of the instruments myself.

let me first say, wonderful piece of music .the upright bass i can`t tell that it is an upright ,you maybe have to eq the other instruments out of the way of the upright bass characteristics, i dunno . but well played anyway

Thanks for listening and commenting polgara! Much appreciated. I may need to play around some more with Trilian to give the bass some more characteristic sounds and/or it may need less mids or a treble boost.

A delightful segment of music :slight_smile: but as polgara said…bit difficult to spot that it’s actually a stand up bass.

no matter, sounds great :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback shadowfax! Yeah I was trying to be a little too subtle with the bass in the mix. I’ve got EQ ideas but I also think some additional slides etc would help to authenticate the sound.

Sounds really great, upright bass or not, it doesn’t matter, the bass sits nice in the mix. Michael.

Thanks MFox and everyone for listening and commenting! The feedback is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I came back to it last night with fresh ears and am getting closer to what I want. I posted a 2nd mix here:


This time around: for the bass I blended in more of the mic and less of the pickup, EQ in some highs and removed some muddiness in the upper mids, and also delved into the keyswitching to add a gliss and slide here and there. As for the mix I also added some light multiband compression.



i still cant see that is an upright maybe there is still too much happening around the bass? is the snare taking up too much space? i dont know ,maybe it is the wrong type of groove to showcase the bass . maybe you should not have mentioned the bass ,cause the rest of the music is great anyway ,i know Kenny kzarider has done good mixes involving uprights ,i hope i haven`t embarrassed him :laughing: , maybe he might help you out.

Thanks for indulging me polgara! Just curious are you listening to this on earbuds, monitors, or speakers? I’m definitely trying to make subtle use of the vsti. Perhaps too subtle! :slight_smile:

pc monitors, they are ok though ,i generally listen to my mixes on these speakers lastly, i never mix on them ,but i`ve found they are quite good at finding stuff out.

Yes a real world listening enironment is crucial. Thanks again for the feedback! Maybe kzarider will chime in too.

Regardless Trilian is a really amazing plugin I can tell I have a rather steep learning curve ahead of me but this is par for the course with the DAW environment :slight_smile:

Beautiful and lovely music, brief but heartfelt. I am listening on good Sennheisers and I can hear bass, but the character is a bit undefined, so yeah, it should stick out more in terms of sonics, not necessarily in volume.

Many thanks for listening and commenting ThePresent! I’ve got a lot of sketches started while learning more about the Daw etc. Time to buckle down and see them through :slight_smile: