1st Dorico "Crash"

No crash log created on MacOS Sierra (10.12.6), Dorico just shut down, and was no longer running mid use. I had to reopen Dorico. Luckily, I saved just before this happened.

At the time of the “crash”, I had 2 files open. Sometimes I would copy from one, and paste into another. But at the time of this “shut-down” I was using the print menu to print a specific page range for viewing.


It happened again, doing the exact same thing. Except this time, it was the only project that was open.

This time it logged a crash report. Here it is.
Dorico_2017-07-27-134418_Robbys-Mac-Pro.crash.zip (20.1 KB)

It seems to crash when I select the page range 12 to 15… If that helps at all.


I experienced the same thing a while ago. If I remember correctly, setting the second number (15) first, and then the first number (12) prevented the crash.

I haven’t tried that, but I will…

What I did to prevent the crash was select 12 first, then wait 10 seconds or so. I then selected 15, then waited 10 seconds or so. Then I was able to print, and view the page range of the score.

Maybe it is a crash caused by too many processes trying to run at once? I don’t know, not a programmer, but a thought. I have used every version of Dorico since 1.0, and I have never had a crash before. I have printed page ranges, too. So this was a major surprise to me.


Well, I tried your method, putting 26 in the end box first, and it “shut-down” again, no crash log created.


Tried “waiting” it out, like I did before, and it “shut-down” again. Again, no crash log created.

I’m gonna just call it quits with this for a while. I hope all of this information proves to be helpful.


I am going to revive this for a minute, because I noticed something tonight…

If I used the up and down arrows to select the page range there was no crash. If I tried to type the number in the box, there was a crash. Not sure if this can be duplicated on other systems or not.

[EDIT] - It works better to use the arrows, typing the number “sometimes” causes a crash. Just thought I’d share this behavior.


I have had mine crash a few times as well; the Dorico screen just goes away, the process disappears from the Activity Monitor, and there are no logs as far as I can tell…

It happened once when I selected a whole bar and typed the shortcut to group dynamics, it probably didn’t like that notes were selected and crashed. So I’ve been careful to select only dynamics for this command—monkey learned! :wink:

OK, this is happened again…

This is the only thing that has crashed on me. When I go to print, specifically a page range, Dorico crashes.

I added or changed the extension to .zip
application.1 copy.log.zip (125 KB)
Dorico_2018-01-10-214153_Robbys-Mac-Pro copy.crash.zip (69.9 KB)
To give some background… trying to work on creating an exercise sheet(s). I have a file with about 11 pages. Since it is an exercise sheet/booklet, currently only the first page has music on it. I tried to only print page 1, the program crashed, but as doing so printed all 11 pages of the file.


I tried using Dorico to create a Diagnostic report… but I am not 100% sure where it saved it.

[Edit]: Found it on my desktop…

Here it is!!!
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (373 KB)

I remember being afflicted by that crash in Print mode as well, but I thought it was isolated and fixed somewhere along the way, because I never ran into it again… I’ve ran into no more trouble scrolling or selecting the print range. I hope you get this stability back.

It happened to me as well without a crash log. I was in print mode trying to print a page range of 1-2 in duplex as I had an edit to the first page only, and it crashed.

Last night I printed a file - a current work in progress, and only had 1 page of music with a second page full of rests. I tried to print only page 1. This time there was no crash, however, there was a flicker of the screen (milliseconds) where Dorico seemed to go away then reappear. Dorico printed both pages and ignored the print page 1 only.