1st ending repeat in the middle of a bar

I looked in the manual and searched this forum but couldn’t find a way to apply a first ending repeat to the middle of a bar. I know that I can move it graphically in Engrave Mode but then it won’t play back correctly.

Hi there - I don’t have an answer for you, but I’m curious - why would you want to do that? Would it make more sense to do a meter change in the ending?


Dear Vaughan,
Isn’t it as simple as invoking the shift-b popover and write end in it ? Then select the notes you want the first ending to span over, and shift-r and write ending in it.

Repeat endings in Dorico do snap to bars. I confess that I have never seen a non-barline-aligned repeat ending (I may have led a sheltered life!), so I am curious to see the kind of music in which this occurs. Could you tell me more about the requirements, Vaughan?

fly on the wall

I’ve seen repeat indications that appear to be in the middle of a bar to indicate repeats in e.g. sonata movements which start with an upbeat bar. Obviously you could fake this up with adding short bars around the repeat but allowing one in the middle of a bar seems more natural.

I found an example from Beethoven’s 1st piano sonata, attached (hopefully!)

That’s a repeat barline, but it’s not a First Ending.

If I may… I tried my solution before sending it, and it worked. I don’t understand why this is going on :wink:

Marc, no it’s not that simple.
I’d bet money that you’ve tried to insert a repeat barline midway through a bar, and have then selected notes at the start of that bar to make a 1st ending.
That works.

What doesn’t work is:
Insert a repeat barline at an actual barline.
Select notes midway through the previous bar.
Type Shift-R and then ending.

Do you understand now?

I know it’s not strictly necessary to do this; one can always repeat the entire bar under the first and second endings, even though part of it is identical. However there are times, especially when bars are long, that it is desirable for readability and layout to repeat only what is necessary. Here are two examples from Bach allemandes. The first is from a ‘pedagogic’ edition by Enescu of the first solo violin partita BWV 1002. Because of the length of these bars which are full of short note values, a layout of 2 bars per system is attractive and eminently readable. Repeating only the last half of the last bar before the first repeat enables maintaining this layout.

The second is from a harpsichord arrangement I made of the allemande from Bach’s suite for solo flute. For the sake of the layout as a whole, I prefer to repeat only the second half of the bar. I know I can accomplish this by dividing the bar in two; after all, that’s how I did it in Finale, which also snaps repeat endings to bars. I was just wondering if I could do it in Dorico without a workaround.

Funny, I was trying to think up when this would make sense but your examples are great and most certainly seem reasonable.

4 years ago, but just to add another example. In Brahms Variations on a Theme by Robert Schumann op. 23 there are repeats in the middle of the bar at the end of variations 2, 3, 7 & 9.

Here’s Variation 2 in Dorico with a time signature change (1/4) with a dashed barline that is set to 0 spaces in the Engraving options

Brahms op. 23 Var. 2