1st morning of use just had 2 crashes :(


I’ve just started work this morning on some commissioned tracks and opened up cubase 6 x64. I have 2 instances of play x64 with percussion (4 separate tracks) on one and Brass (3 separate tracks) on the other. I’ve just had 2 crashes; each time I had the midi editor open and it happened when clicking on a note.

the project is 8 midi tracks only, no FX , no Audio ,no groups just midi. The crash log said that Cubase 6 caused the crash, there was nothing else listed.

where is the save crash log file so i can send it in?

Any one else had any midi problems?

I’ve used Reaper V3 x64 for my last few projects and not had one crash using play X64, this isn’t a good return to cubase.


My Cubase is more or less totally reliable, but one thing that used to look like a Cubase crash (C4 at the time)-and bought my system to a frozen standstill almost everytime, turned out to occur only when recording MIDI data and sending thru back to mother keyboard with local off. I never quite solved the riddle, but I nowadays avoid that particular scenario and have had no more problems.

The set up when I had constant problems was:
C4 32bit XP Pro SP2
MIDIsport 2 x2
Korg SP100
(I’ve not yet tested scenario with C6)

Maybe this is completely irrelevent to your issue, but it could be worth disconnecting from external MIDI and see if the problems you are having go away.