1st sound to video project...export to NO SOUND?

Imported a video into C6, laid down a synth part for a sound design project for a logo.

But when I export the audio, the mp3 OR wav file is completely silent. No errors, length of file is correct…its just totally silent.

Any reasons or clues why??


Cubase doesn’t do video editing, that said, you should have been able to mixdown your audio. So you must have done something wrong at mixdown. If you could play the music in your project then you can mix it down - that’s the rules.

Have you tried real time export?

Thanks for the help everyone but its working ok now.

I think I was having issues with my E-MU 1212m driver. All I did was restart my computer today and everythings GOOD! E-MU drivers can be kinda funky sometimes :unamused: