1st time user - Audio gets softer. Help!

Hi there!

Name is Miki for short. First time user of Wavelab. I edited an entire file, and it plays well on the wavelab, but when I export it to iTunes/Anchor the volume must be turned up all the way to hear it at a normal level. What did I do wrong? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Open the exported file in Wavelab, and also open the original file (before you did your editing)… What is the peak level of each file? What is the approximate RMS (or LUFS) level of each file?

If you load a reference file (commercial release from iTunes etc) into WL … and then compare it to your edited file … does your file play quieter than you expect in comparison?

Thank you so much for your responses everyone! Somehow… it fixed itself. I restarted the computer and everything normalized. Thank you for your advice though! I appreciate this supportive audio community.