1st time User of Spectrlayers One: delete noise leakage in VO track, no music

First time using SP1 in C11 to remove noise leaked into voice over track (no music) from outside the studio (planes over head and occasional loud cars passing by). I used the freq to create a band between 0 and 150 hz. It solos the range and I can also hear where voice pops the mic. So that tool solos the audio band, but when I hit delete like in the YouTube video on SP1, I can’t seem to get that band to delete.
What am I missing here? Can someone walk me thru getting to the noise being removed? I’d really appreciate that. TIA


Have you consulted the Spec One manual? I’d sooner trust that than a YouTube video.

To be perfectly honest, I’d charge for a “walk-through”; I wouldn’t post it on a forum gratis.