1st VST Connect Pro Session Pending: Connection Question

I’ve got my VST Connect Pro system set up on my PC and I’ve contacted several friends with studios (None of which are Cubase or Nuendo) to help me test the set-up. All of my counterparts are using PT, Logic & DP. I was under the impression that I was supposed to email them the VST Connect CUE Mix plug-in for them to download and install on their PCs/Macs to be able to accept the key that I would generate for the test sessions.

But all I’m finding in my folder is the VST Connect app and the manual. I’ve read the manual and All the instructions seem to start with the assumption that the other studios already have the software they need. How do I get them the connecting software to run the test?

You say you’re emailing them the CUE mix plugin, which isn’t right. They need to install VST Connect Performer, which is the free app that connects to you within the VST Connect pro plugin inside your Cubase arrangement.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I was trying to find out. I found a video on you tube that said that very thing. I have downloaded both versions of the Performer App. I can just email them those files directly to install, yes?

Yes, just email the pc or Mac version, depending on which they need. All they need is in the app. However, be aware that if you’re going to do a midi recording, say a keyboard part, the person at the other end will need some sort of VST instrument installed the other end in order for you both to hear what they’re playing. Other than that they’ll just need a reasonable audio interface, a computer with a webcam, and a mic so as to communicate from within VST Connect.

Tomorrow’s session will be with a Logic based studio located 12 miles away. It’s a decent project studio with a control room, live room, amp closet and drum booth. I’ll be tracking drums through 8 channels of API mic pres and Lynx converters. I’m thinking that should be a fair enough test. The threshold for satisfaction will be very low. All I want to know is if I can get a connection and record whatever he sends me, even if that was just a CD playing! Once I’m comfortable with the connection, I’ll start digging in on getting professional grade streaming/transfers. :wink:

Thank you so much for your help!! Anything else I should know? :question:

No problem with advice, you’re in the right place. I’ve done plenty of tests in the last month and it’s been a little frustrating at time, but that was really to do with the third parties not having their gear sorted out correctly or just not having good enough spec hardware. I’m all good now, so looking at what you have set up to record with, I don’t think you’ll encounter any issues, although it may take a bit of time to configure the right settings etc. good luck!

This video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMbjf3Zm2vk is only showing a connection for a single mic (with instructions for one extra mic). How should I set up for 10 mics at once for the drum set?

As you’re using VST Connect Pro, there should be a button on the far right where the sliders are, that says multitrack (I think). However, you’ll only see this button once you and the third party are connected in a ‘session’. Once you see, click on it and you’ll see some different faders/channels. There won’t be the amount you need from the outset, so you just add more with the Plus button above. You will also have to click on the ‘cog’ icon in the bottom right to configure the third party’s inputs etc.

It might have been nice for them to mention that in the manual (LOL). Not only do they not mention that “connection required” caveat, there’s no “Plus Button” visible in the photo showing the (I assume) multi-track window. A drummer would’ve made MUCH more sense to be shown in the photo for this very purpose! Instead, all I got is this:
VST Studio Connect Pro_Manual Photo - Multi Track Setting.jpg
This page refers to leds not shown in the photo and warns that you can only access certain controls if EASY INTERFACE is selected. There is no mention of easy interface prior to this warning. So, I have no idea how that is achieved.

This is MY view of my performer interface without a connection (since I’m trying to figure out as much of this BEFORE I connect to the other studio.
VST Studio Connect Pro_Manual Photo - No Connection Setting.jpg
This manual leaves a LOT to be desired!

yes, I agree the manual could do with some improvement. Anyway, when you do go into ‘multitrack’ mode, you’ll see one of two displays initially;
Record mix panel.jpg
This is the Record mix panel, where you have the chance to add upto 16 channels, depending on what the ‘performer’ has in terms of his audio interface. You’ll notice the +/- signs in the top left of the mixer section to add more input channels.
performer mix panel.jpg
This is the Performer mix panel, which is basically the same as the initial ‘easy’ interface you see when VST Connect Pro is opened. So, as long as you understand how the ‘easy’ interface works, this will be a piece of cake.

One thing to note; Once you’re in multitrack mode, you can’t go back to the easy interface without closing the session and starting a brand new one, or removing the VST Pro plugin from the channel and putting it back in again.

just one thing to note also; I was only able to show you these settings by connecting and creating a ‘session’ myself by using VST Connect Performer on my iPad, so if you have an iPad this will in some way allow you to prepare certain things before you actually connect to the 3rd party. Either way, to be honest, it’ll take a bit of time to get some things right which will mean the drummer may just have to sit and wait while you configure certain settings.

I Hope this is of some help.

Thanks, this is an enormous help! I am trying the laptop idea you mentioned and I’ve gone straight into the weeds! :open_mouth:

My laptop is running the performer and my PC is running the master app. When I opened the provided Cubase template and logged in, all of my faders blurred out! When I loaded the key into the laptop and tried to connect the 2, the laptop said that the PC wasn’t logged on.

There was some mention about checking the Port Forwarding of my router. I’ve never done that before. Could you tell me how to do that?

I guess I’m cancelling the test session. If I can’t get this thing to talk to the PC laptop in my own studio 30 feet away, there is no point wasting the drummer’s time 12 miles away, where we can’t even see what’s going on on each other’s systems.

What a PITA! :angry:

Hi, the thing you mention about the blurred out faders is not something I’ve come across (so far), so I’m not sure what that means. What I have experienced is that I’ve noticed if both devices are on the same Internet network they won’t connect, although they should be able to via the LAN option, but that’s not something I will need to be honest.

As for the port forwarding thing, that requires you to login to your router somehow, but as routers are all quite different, and I’m no expert in this field, I can’t help, although I don’t think that’s the issue from what you’ve experienced. If I were you, try and get someone to try and connect with you for test purposes before you try it with the drum session you mention. I’d be happy to be the tester for you later, if you’re desperate. Where I am it’s currently 7.33am so I have the day ahead of me, but I think you’re in the USA, so maybe your day is winding down.

Here’s what I mean:
VST Studio Connect Pro_NO FADERS.jpg
Look at the far right where the VST Connect controls are. No faders, just the slots! :open_mouth: Where did they go???

How come your IN HOUSE connection worked on an iPad, but it won’t work on a laptop?

You’re right, I’m in the states. Where are you?

I’m in Taiwan, although I’m from England originally. I’ll be free from 9.15am here. Which is in about an hours time. Looking at the image it seems you’re not logged into a session, so you won’t see the faders. Let me know if you want to hook up and I’ll make myself available.

The laptop is connected to the network via WI-FI. Are you saying that I need to physically connect the laptop via cat5 to the switch in order to get it to work?

I’m not sure, but they do recommend a wired connection at all times. Maybe my iPad session worked as the iPad can only have a wireless connection.

Thanks for the offer. I’m game if you are.

I’ll work out how to send you a private message in a few minutes so we can converse without divulging personal contact details in public!

OK. BTW, I just tried the cat 5 connection of the laptop to the switcher and turned the firewall off. No Change!