[2.0.0] Video Problem

Loading a project in the new 2.0 VST live every video is distorted. In version 1.4.64 pre release, everything’s fine. Video 1 and 2 screenshots are from version 2 and the same video tracks from the same project (video 3 and video 4 screenshots) are from version 1.4.64.
Hope it make sense…

Where did you get those videos from? Could you send us one? Thanks.
We tested a lot of videos w/o such problems. What system are you on, Mac or Windows?
Thanks for any hint.

These are some youtube videos in mp4 format. everything works perfectly in 1.4.64.
you can grap 2 of them here :https://www.dropbox.com/t/j0LT3bcrmTqUKsaf

I’m on windows 10 with a nvidia ge force 1650

Ok, thank you very much.
I cannot at all reproduce your first picture, but it may be related.
You can now size the window such that it squeezes or stretches the video unless it fits in the window. This is a bug, the view should always maintain the aspect ratio of the video. We will fix it as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for your report and the videos!

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It is a problem of your videos. Other videos don’t exhibit this problem. Also, the behaviour is identical with VST Live Version 1.4.
The videos expose a pixel ratio other than 1 (0.7375, to be precise). This means it claims that pixels are not square, but rectangular.
If you use a youtube video grabber where you can adjust parameters, maybe you accidently set those to wrong values?

Hello, thx for caring. I have no such problem on 1.4.64 or 63. When I load the same project in 2.0 the videos don’t display correctly. There must be some difference between those two versions

Tried it right away (Windows), no difference.
We were discussing a preference to ignore videofile pixel ratio, tested it here, and then it works.
You could send the vlprj file (we already have your videos) but it depends most on the size of the window. E.g. when making it very long (horizontally), it is stretched, that’s the same in version 1.4. maybe you mean something else?

What do our video experts say?

On The Rocks.vlprj (311,1 Ko)

it’s the image in the Logo track

Thank you. Still investigating; there appears to be a problem when images are involved.

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This is a tricky one. We are still on the case.

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2.0.3 video problem: playback is fine, but when a video ends, the screen does not go black, but the last frame remains on the screen. (VST Live 2.03)
It works flawlessly with version 1.4.64.

This is related, we are working on it, thanks for reporting.

pls check both issues with the upcoming prerelease. Also video playback is smoother. Let us know how it works out for you.

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Upcoming ? it will be 2.0.4 ?

I think he means, just simply keep your eyes on friday evenings pre-release… as we all are waiting them with burning incense sticks :slight_smile:

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