[2.0.10] Instrument seems to get wrong CC data from MIDI track after saving & loading the project

I have here shared Hammond instrument in many songs; these songs have all MIDI track which includes only CC data for Hammond’s drawbar settings.

In the image below, CC70 is assigned to drawbar with red circle, here everything is as it should be: CC70 with value 127 corresponds to drawbar pulled full back.

But, when I move the play cursor to beginning of the track (song start trigger activates MIDI data in trigger position and sends it to Instrument), happens this strange thing: Instrument settings go all wrong, for some reason my drawbar suddenly sets itself into around middle, seems like it gets wrong CC data. I can recognize that the drawbar settings belong to another song in my project, seem it is set into this song somehow.

But, as I move the cursor forward just a tick, Instrument gets correct settings.

Settings worked flawlessly when I made them, but next day when I loaded the project, this strange anomaly came on.

Tried to reproduce the anomaly with all new project with 3 songs, but hadn’t luck so far.

I have made those CC setting tracks twice from scratch in my project, but the same anomaly occured after first save & loading the project both times.

E: I got an idea, I deleted all other songs from my project (after backup ;D) and after that there’s no problems, so it seems CC data is somehow sent from other songs/MIDI tracks aswell.

a) try 2.0.11
b) try upcoming version (Friday, we hope)
c) does this also occur after you selected a different Song after loading, and then select previous again?
d) could you “Save Archive” a stripped down project which exposes this issue, and send it to us, so we can examine?
e) Thanks!

I’ll wait next version and report my findings.

b) Unfortunately bug still present in 2.0.12.
c) Yes. More details: When project is loaded, all sounds work good, but when I select some another song with same shared instrument, activates the problem randomly. When I jump from Song 2 with settings B to Song 1 with settings A, I may end to so Song 1 with settings B, until I move the cursor one step forward which sets the correct data from midi track to the instrument, even if the cc data is located in the very first time “cell” in the song.
d) Will do that a bit later

Check the video. CC data is contained only in timestep 1.1 and that data should set drawbars to zero. Why drawbars are set to something else in the beginning, and cc data stored in step 1.1 is applied later?

I think I found a workaround, I just have to add another part in the beginning of the song, like to timestep 2.0.0 and put trigger point there, and put cc data there. Havent tried that yet.

I also noticed an issue which may be related into this problem:
When I create a MIDI track and program some CC data to send to layer(instrument) , I need to assign layer MIDI IN from the track I created. This causes that I have to enable monitoring of that track (and of course assign midi track input from my midi keyboard) if I want to hear my realtime playing. So far so good, I play and keep switching parts, everything fine until I stop, select the song’s first part and start playing again, and when I change to next part, I find out that the instrument layer from earlier part still is active… a bit complicated to explain, but maybe this helps:

Song 1

  • Part 1: String sound with MIDI track to send CC data to set up sound settings
  • Part 2: Piano sound

First time I play this after loading, all work flawlessly, but when I start to play song again, and after switching to Part 2, the String sound still is playing with Piano sound, just like they were layered.
However, this “layering” problem applies only inside the song, Song 1 sounds are not played when playing Song 2.