[2.0.10] Video - RGB channels randomly disaligned

Video playback is still not perfect. RGB channels are often unaligned in random offsets. Playing mp4 video ripped from youtube via “4k video downoader+” software. Videos are mp4 , and plays perfectly on VLC. attached a short video example.
I am on a laptop vith NVIDIA rtx 3080 latest drivers. No other issues (apart from the crash if you try to crossfade duplicated same clip).

I should add that it happens more evidently with low resolution videos, like 360p or 480p, it have to do with high upscaling maybe


Hi @ciro1983811,

can we have access to the file to analyse it? If it you don’t want to give the file to the public, maybe you can send me a PM?

See you,

Hi @Spork , below a link to download one of the many videos that shows the RGB disalignments in my project. Is a publicly available video on youtube that i downloaded.

Original source on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLsksff4vLI&ab_channel=VascoRossiVEVO

Thanks for your support.

Hi again @Spork … i just tryed to load the video i sent you in a brand new project, with only one video track… it shows good!! It only shows with RGB disalignment when tere are 2 or more video tracks routed to the same video output (all the songs in my project have 2 or more video tracks routed on the same video output 1, to have logo, and multiple videos for crossfades etc…). Even if the second track is empty, the first one shows disalignment , green bands etc. …!!!
That should help solve the problem!

Regards, Ciro.

Hi @Spork any feedback on this? Will it be solvable? I still have plenty of time, but in july i’ll have this show where i setup a big vstlive project, like 32 songs 65 parts, and a total of 50 different videos in multi video tracks all routed to video out 1, and at the moment the results are poor, with artifacts and green lines almost everywhere. Re-making all the videos in an esternal software to pre-edit the fades logos etc to have only 1 video track would be a tedious work, as i already have everything done in vstlive.

Regards, Ciro.

we are on it.

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We are very close to fixing green lines, videos not showing, and video fade issues. But we still need to stabelize, so those fixes are not yet available with the upcoming prerelease. We’ll possibly provide an extra version for those fixes. Thanks for your patience.
And thanks for the video, it did help.

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Thanks! As i said, no hurry, if it’s solved by june i’m fine, thanks again for your support!

Pls try again with the upcoming prerelease.
Green lines we have still not managed (very weird one, only with images), maybe we will until then. But all other issues should be solved, let us know how it works out for you.

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Hi @musicullum @Spork , just tried 2.0.12 , video problems are improoved a lot, duplicate video playing simultaneusly without crashes, but i still get very serious green lines, and not only with images.

1- when there is a track with an image, routed to video out 1, other tracks on video out 1 shows green lines even if the event with the image is not currently playing, and even after it played. After it played you need to route image track o NC then back to video out 1 and the green lines will disappear and not come back until next image event.
2- Even when image track is not present or not routed on video out 1, if there is 2 other video tracks on same video out, if the events on the 2 tracks cross each other when fading, green lines will appear on one of the two videos, or on both , and will stay avter the crossfade ended.

I decided to save archive one of the song of my project where i use 5 videos, all quite old and low res, that cross each other many times and a logo, this is one of the worse project in terms of green lines. Maybe you can troubleshoot on this one … it’s still 1,1 Gb , feel free to use it or not … but this is much of the video problems alltogheter in one song :slight_smile:

Regards, Ciro

Dear @musicullum , just my additional experiences regarding, tested quickly v2.0.12

  • video is not played (probability 10-30%) As soon as hitting stop it realises where should be and renders actual frame immediately. (But of course there is no way to do so in primetime). Can happen only at song change but never with restarted/rollback-ed song. (Have screen rec if that helps.)

  • brand new observation with newly added video file: fade-in routine is not running down at loading “next song”. E.g If video is starting fade in, first frame (or start marker Pos frame) is put on video output “un-FedeIn-ed”.

I hope both make sense to you.