2.0.11 Mixer Order still buggy

Mixer Order loads now correctly.
Select another song and return to previous selected song destroys the Mixer Order totally.
A major bug.

Dear @RonBlack,

Arg, yes, you are correct. We’ve found the problem and hopefully we should have now catched all side-effects. We had to do a necessary re-design of this area for version 2.

Yes, agreed. I am trying to push a new Pre-Release before Friday.

Thank you (again) for your patience and your reports,

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Tried the 2.0.11 and indeed channel ordering is ok after loading, but after that it breaks up big time, even worse than it was in 2.0.10.
For the time seems reverting to 2.0.10 is the best option if channel ordering is major issue in project.

Luckily earlier versions are kept available, thats very good thing.

Keep up the work, some setbacks do happen now and then, thats life. :slight_smile: