2.0.12 : midi notes missed on first (and second) beat(s)

Created a layer with a basic Retrologue sound.
Created a Midi track and drew some notes as per screenshot.

If activating count-in, playback will be as expected, all notes OK.

If count-in is not activated, 1st note is missed if Play is pressed from transport.
First 2 notes are missed is play pressed from left zone (from part).

If cycle is on and set on all 4 bars (and no count in), first note is missed on first playing, then first 2 notes are missed at every cycle. But this doesn’t seem to happen if cycle is set to 1, 2 or 3 bars.

When cycling, I can hear some harmonies on 3rd and 4th note of the 1st bar (like it’s catching up and playing 2 notes at the same time).

When starting playback with the playhead set at start of bar 2, 3 or 4 , 1st note is missed.

Am I missing something ?

HI @pierrevdd,

in all your cases : Do you use the upper Timeline-View to re-position the Playhead before starting the Transport? We have found a problem that re-position the Playhead will trouble the Playback Engine. We’ll fix it.


… and we found another problem. If you hit the Stop Control too often the Playback Engine gets into trouble and misses some first notes. I guess that’s the root of your described problems. We’ll fix it.

Thank you for reporting,

Hi Michael,
Thanks for your prompt feedback.
I was for sure using often the upper timeline to reposition the playhead, but most likely I was also using from time to time the double click on Stop on the transport to get back to the beginning.

… yes, we have identified that events get lost if the Stop button was pressed too often. Please re-try with the next Pre-Release (2.0.13) coming this Friday.

Thank you very much,

Hi Michael,
Tried with 2.0.13 :

3 Songs.
Song 1 has 1 part with 2 layers (UA Polymax synth and SuperiorDrummer3)
1st midi note on midi track outputing to synth is missed (note is at at
Song end action : next song on song end marker.

Song 2 had 1 part with only 1 layer (UA Polymax) with a different patch.
Song autostart is ON.
1st midi note on midi track outputing to synth is missed (note is at at, and I can hear some drum sounds playing at the very beginning (maybe 1 beat) while there’s no SuperiorDrummer layer in this song.
The drum sounds can also be heard when playing this song on its own (start button on part 1 of song). This happens very often, but not systematically.
Song end action : next song on song end marker.

Song 3 has 2 layers (synth and drums).
Autoplay in ON.
1st note at is missed.

@pierrevdd, do you think it it possible to give me your project? Use the “Menu / File / Save Archive…” function and select an empty folder. Zip that folder and PM me the project. There must be a variant in your project which we don’t see.

Thank you,

… thank you very much, @pierrevdd, for your project. We could analyse it and fixed the problem. Please re-try with the next Pre-Release (2.0.14) and let us know your results.