[2.0.12] Playback & parts with triggers messed up :(

Hi, seems we have quite nasty bug with part triggers, quite easy to reproduce:

  1. New song
  2. Set up instrument
  3. make few shared duplicates of song part
  4. Set time triggers for parts as usual, for example 5.1.1, 9.1.1. and 12.1.1.
  5. Press play
  6. See how part triggering goes crazy

Does this every time at least for me, already tried completely uninstall and reinstall VST live, no help… seems to me we have to wait another new version.

HI @Turmis,

oh, we are sorry. We can reproduce it. It only happens if you change a Trigger of a part multi times. Workaround : Ctrl+Click to a Trigger to reset it (–.–.–), then add the new trigger time.

We’ll fix it.

See you,

… it’s fixed and ready with the next Pre-Release on Friday. Please re-try with that version.

Thank you very much,