[2.0.13] Save archive saves only songs on current playlist not all songs of the project

As written in the title, when you Save Archive, the saved archive contains only songs (and associated media files) from current active playlists and not all the songs of the project).

I have a project with more or less 50 songs of wich curretly 23 in active playlist, other songs are not in any playlist (active or not) and are not exported when i save archive. I have to activate a playlist with all songs to export all. I think this is not the expected behaviour. When I save archiv i want ALL the songs in the project to be exported.

Regards, Ciro.

It’s a good idea to make one setlist with all songs, cause there will come up circumstances, where you want to make changes to the whole project or many of the songs. For example I work most of the time with this setlist and only generate a reduced setlist for gigs. You never knew, when in rehersal your band members want to play a song not on in your actual list :wink: .

But maybe this could be a feature request, that there is a automated stanard playlist with all songs of the project.

Oh i have one setlist with all the songs, it’s just that it happened that i saved archive while i had the reduced setlist active and i forgot it, then when i loaded the archive i noticed it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

cool, because we all started to think, you have a new and cool built-in feature: Archive-Only-Active-Playlist :smiley:


Oh, this could very well be an option in the destination folder select window, like a checkbox, save-archive all somgs or current setlist omly!!! Great idea!

There will be a “Don’t show again” dialog asking to save all assets for Save Archive.

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When implementing this we noticed that all assets of all Songs of all Setlists are already copied to the archive folder, even if not present in the currently active Setlist (Playlist). We nevertheless added an option to only save assets of the currently active Playlist.

But that is what happens now, just checked it. Can you provide some details?

I tested right now on 2.0.13.

I have 40 songs, of witch 23 in active playlist.

1- click on setlists
2-add new setlist
3-move 1 song to the new setlist
4-activate setlists and close dialog.
5- i now have only 1 song in active playlist.
6- save archive and choos empty folder destination.
7- only assets from 1 song are archived.

I’m on windows 11.

Regards, Ciro.

That’s what I did.
Maybe try to reduce it, 3 Songs, 1 Setlist (active) with Song 1 and 3, one Setlist with just Song 1 (or 2), save archive saves Song 2. No?

Wait… the songs are exported but if you see the song media files, they are linked to the old path, you go see the folders on the destination path, only active setlist file are archived, the other song still point to original project folder. If you move the archive folder to other pc, you’ll see media files offline.

Hope this clarifies what i’m seeing.

Not here. All media files of all Songs, even those which are not in the currently active playlist are copied. That’s why we asked to narrow it with a small project. This works:

  • new project
  • add 2 Songs
  • add midi notes to Song 1, copy track
  • paste track to Song 2 and 3
  • Setlists, add from current
  • remove Song 2
  • remove Song 2 from first Setlist too
  • now both Setlist are lacking Song 2 and its MIDI
  • save (!)
  • Save Archive
  • exit VST Live
  • start VST Live
  • load saved archive project
  • Enter Setlist, add Song 2, activate Setlist
  • all there

What do you do?

I do the same but with audio clips, and if i move away original location of audio, the archived projects show media offline for the songs not in active setlist.

I’ll try with new project fewer songs and report back to you.

@musicullum just checked with new project:

  • new project
  • add song 1 , 2 and 3
  • import 3 different audio clips, one for each song
  • draw 3 different midi tracks, one for each song
  • save
  • put song 3 out of active playlist (it’s just in the center space in the playlists window). Activate playlist and check that song3 is not in the song list on main window.
  • save
  • save archive

Go check the archived folder, only 2 audio clips exported, and only 2 midi files.

  • close vstlive
  • open vstlive archived project
  • insert song 3 in active playlist
  • media offline for song 3

Let me know if you can reproduce.


Yes. In that case, there is only one setlist, and only the setlist knows the removed Song, the project doesn’t anymore. Luckyly, setlists are saved with the project nevertheless, so Song 3 is still there when you reload the project.

However, as your repro shows, the archiver only referenced the project, so Song 3 assets were not saved with the archive. Fixed with the next version, thanks a lot for providing a repro and insisting.