2.0.14 Bug list

I seem to feel that this release is making the program super sluggish. The mouse pointer is not moving smoothly and transport is also jerking, especially if the tracks are zoomed.
I tried with same session with VL 1.4.50 and it runns smoothly without being sluggish.

Do you have multiprocessing enabled? Preferences/Audio/Multi Processing

What does multiprocessing really do?
When should I enable it and when not?

Basically the main usecase is when you run a larger amount of channels with inserts (Layers, Stacks, Tracks) in parallel. It spreads independent channel processing across multiple CPU cores, which may improve CPU performance.

As noted elsewhere, this will take away those resources from other tasks, and also may interfere with other components fighting for CPU, so if you don’t suffer from CPU performance issues, or see no improvement, you may want to leave it disabled.

Note that only independent processes can be run in parallel. If for instance channel A is fed by channel B s’ send, channel B needs to be processed in the first place, before channel A can continue. Likewise, serial processes like inserts cannot be “multi-processed” by nature, any process needs to process all of its inputs first.


Yes. enabled multi processing. The interface is stuttering, but the single audio track plays fine.

Dear @musicullum ,

Tried MultiProc ON/OFF. Am I right, it’s not really counts in my situation:
With my DMX tracks can’t reduce latency enough meanwhile it would be technically more then possible. But seems MultiProc ON/OFF can’t help on my audio-crackles (GBL-STACK / AUDIO-PLAY) when my DMX tracks are running. Am I right about? (or do I have to restart VL2 apply AudioMultiCoreProcMode?)

Anyways, the introduced MultiProc feature is a big thing, congratulate!

… I guess you are taking about your project, right? Sorry, there is another bug to be solved. It’s fixed now. Please try it with the next Pre-Release.



Yes. Is it my project specifically? If so, what should I do to avoid the stuttering?

DMX channels should not interfere with audio unless you run thousands of those. We’ll check.

No, no need.

In worst case I have dmx info for less the 650-800chs. Tryed new MultiProc maybe helps keep crackle-free my GBL-STACK with lower latency. (But seems doesn’t help)

In worst case I have dmx info for less the 650-800chs. Tryed new MultiProc maybe helps keep crackle-free my GBL-STACK with lower latency. (But seems doesn’t help)

FYI, there is a bug in 2.0.14 pre: The multicore button work reverse. If it’s on, multicore is off, and vice versa… :wink: Maybe that explains why it doesn’t help.
See here (guess you already discovered that):

well tested with both settings (always crosschecking :wink: ). I think it doesn’t help because DMX engine seems to be still too resource instensive.

… we are on it,

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… @fkalmus, we improved the DMX Playback engine. Can you please check the next Pre-Release and give us some feedback.

Thank you,

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Dear @Spork of course :slight_smile: Gerne!
Did you try cut any of my DMX clip in half or a part from it (to place somewhere else) till the moment a cut means endless cpu fan rotation w.o. real processing

… We know. Step by Step, please. First, the Playback Engine.


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okay, okay :slight_smile:

Good morning! tested under WIN. I’m sorry to say, because I can feel the pain writing such after your hard work, but unfortunately I can’t feel real improvement on the engine, the only change is now the extreme long song load became longer with about additional 30%. While 1.4.70 does a little bit more crackles with the same settings, but song loads 1/4of time as v2.

What’s next. How can we catch the neck of this snake?

… does 2.0.15 resolved your stuttering interface behaviour?