2.0.14 Bug list

… I wrote you a PM. I need more details,

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Stuttering has been solved. Thanks for your immediate help.
Created a new thread for the 2.0.15 bugs.

Dear @Spork
On board again:)) let me know if I can still send you any further detail :slight_smile:

This may be due to us shortening preload time, to gain quite the opposite.
We’re further looking into this. But video may take an enormously long time to locate (long GOP values for mp4 etc), and when it’s too late, it will try to catch up which takes even longer.
We’ll provide some options and a video cache option, but all of this is limited because raw video requires an enormous amount of memory.
In your case, Michas’ DMX fixes may possibly also relax the situation significantly because of the vast amount of DMX data to be processed.

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Dear @musicullum , thank you for your detailed answer. It’s is your table, I’m not sure I know all details how this is working in an app and I’m sure, You’ve chosen the best balanced-compromise with the lot’s of circumstances need to be counted-in . From the other side my experience, when changing any video column/row in ResolumeArena or Qlab it is just immediate while I don’t want to compare pear and apple. For sure all of us welcomes a - normally - at quick song change in the case if a song has a HQ video file(s) :slight_smile:

I’m here to cooperate / help, looking fw to any improvements :slight_smile:

Hi @musicullum , don’t know if it’s related, but i had a few unexpected quit to desktop since upgrading to .15, while loading opening a project, and also while switchng songs. Not always, i cannot identify the reason… this is unacceptable for live use, this evening i have rehearsal so i’ll revert to .14 for the moment…

Cheers, Ciro.

… can you please check if Crash Logs were created?
Win : C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps
macOS : /Users/Username/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/

Thank you,

Very sorry to hear that. Try disable prefernces/audio/multi processing, there is not much else we changed.

there, last 2 days crash dumps attached. Ciao!
CrashDumps.zip (2,8 MB)

… thank you, we’ll analyze the data. Have you checked the hint from @musicullum? Open the Preferences, disable Multi-Processing and try to load your project.

Is it better?

Good moring. Yesterday at rehersal, had lot of problems i never had before. Crashes, long load times, crackles. I had to raise buffer from 64 samples to 256 samples. Never had any problems with latency before! Tried audio multiproc on and off … same… i installed 2.0.14 ovdr 2.0.15 on the fly during rehersal, but same problems. Only difference in the project… i changed all videos, reencoded them in 1080p so they were a little heavier than the previous rehersal.

I’ll need to go back to the start and verify every possible intterference on the laptop, step by step i don’t think this is only 2.0.15 … :sob::cry:

Well, tried to make a clean install of 2.0.15, disabled multitread audio, reset audio interface to 64 sample asio buffer. No troubles. … i really don’t understand what appened yesterday evening … that scares me … if it appens during show times i nedx to understand the sources and causes to avoid it… any idea?

@musicullum @Spork maybe if you have some spare time can you check the project file if you cam identify some kins of “corruption” in it?

There are two ways of providing instant video playback:

a) create special “optimized” files for playback/editing, later when rendering the original files are taken instead for full resolution. This doesn’t apply for us because you expect full quality.

b) buffer frames. If it were for audio or midi, one wouldn’t even have to think and just do it. But video is quite a different beast. At 4k there are approx. 8 million pixels, each 3 bytes rgb, that’s 24 MB - per frame, that makes roughly 3/4 GB per second. If the video has a GOP of 60 frames (and they do) or even more, that’s 1.5 GB - per track, that is. If you have multiple tracks, it gets impossible.
Long story - if you have “just” one video track which despreately needs to start at the top of the Song, the soon to come video cache should be sufficient, provided you have that much memory. If there is a leeway of a second or so, it should work already, but you want it all :slight_smile:


That’s not possible, sorry. We could only identify problems if we had the very same situation.
As said before, and that counts for every software used for a gig, make sure to not change anything before and after the dress rehearsal, also best to disconnect from internet during that phase.

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Hi @musicullum , um yes, perfectly understandable !!

Anyway, it’s now two days straight that i set up everithing at home, exactly the same as the rehearsal, having only completely clean installed vstlive 2.0.15 and disabled multicore audio.

Playing recorded tracks to stacks, video on hdmi tv, lyrics etc etc… no crackle and everithing stable at 64 smple buffer.l, two days almost continue operation… super stable and 20% mean core usage!!! I stil lgot the red clip on vstlive cpumeter , but it is stable at 20% and no pops crackles noticeable.

How strange impossible to replicate the problems i had at rehearsals. I think as soon as dmx interface problem will be solved i’ll stick with a version until after few gigs in public have gone well. Thank you anyway for the wonderful software you are building step by step!!!