[2.0.14] Songs duplicated in setlist pool

Somehow songs from a set got duplicated into song pool, so these song are now listed twice. I’ve made a screen capture video of the issue.

I try to show in the video that:

  1. Song pool contains multiple listings of the same song title twice
  2. As an example, the song title “Flowers” shows up twice in the song pool.
  3. I can’t remove any of them from the song pool, even though “Flowers” only appears (once) in Setlist 3 - thus I should be able to delete the unsued “Flowers” - which I can not.
  4. When I remove “Flowers” from Setlist 3, I can now delete both “Flowers” from song pool - hence, the “Flowers” in the song pool actually did reference the same instance (edit: or VST Live doesn’t recognize them as different)

As a follow up, I think there needs to be an option to display a form of ID assigned to a song title. If I accidentally - or by intention - create two songs with the same title, there’s no way to tell them apart, without examining the contents of the song/parts etc.

Regards, Michael

Okay, my workaroumd when had two identical named songs: changing title by adding some ID to it like
“Mysong Old”
“My song new tempo”
Then can find out which to delete. Afterwards renamoing it back

I don’t feel that is a reason to over complicate prg (neither get your SSD TOC ID for your computers duplicates…)

From my understanding VSTLive holds an additional copy of a Song that is used in additional Setlist. But why? What is the reason for that? VSTLive should be able to manage a “multi-use” via an internal ID. I had this “problem” also because there are Songs that you have in (mainly) all of your Setlist´s and when I use the same Song every time I dont see a reason for holding a bunch full of copys in the Songs view.

I’m sorry, not at all!

I have about 20+ stlists and only have song-dupls when e.g reimporting OR when pulling a given song twice (“D”) in the same setlist (i would rather happy with a symlinked copy - but guess that seems impossible, am I right @musicullum ?)

Ok, Ok, reimport could be possible - I will check this.
Thanks for the hint!

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My main issue is, that songs got duplicated, so they’re listed twice in the song pool.

Yes, the work-around will work - but why should a work-around be needed.
The songs in VST Live will have an ID behind the scenes. What I’m suggesting - as complimentary to the main issue - is a way those IDs may (optionally) be exposed to the user in some meaningful way.
A file system TOC doesn’t allow for identical file names, btw.

@Congaz what is your current VL version u use? As I said I dont have dups in my song pool meanwhile using the app for my performances exclusively

The version is 2.0.14.
I honestly don’t remember the exact order of actions that caused the duplicates. However, by fooling around with songs/set list editor, I kind of managed to reproduce the behaviour. See video.

There’s a counter for song number being reset when you switch back to Set 1 - you should be seeing Songs 4, 5 & 6 when you add songs the second time around.

The issue is not the song numbering… it’s the multiples with the same titles in the pool.

Hey @Congaz , that is not a real situation. Of course you will have multiple song 2, song 3, etc by doing this.

Please name your songs with real titles, or use your current live setlist (after cleaning your current with my renaming work around)

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Right. Songs have an internal ID. If you import a Song that is already present, you will end up with 2 Songs having identical names, but are individual instances.
We’ll add a check for existing names when importing a Song, and rename it accordingly.

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No - it’s not a real situation - but I should end up with a pool of 2x Song 2 and 2x Song 3 - not 4x Song 2 and 4x Song 3 as is the case.
The video is not a very good example, as the original issue didn’t come about this way (the original issue I reported, also came about wihtout any importing, btw).
The real problem is, that the song titles of a complete setlist, shows up twice in the song pool - without me creating dual instances of each song or importing anything.
As such, this could happen again with another setlist - so you want me to go through the whole pool, renaming every second song title only to delete it? And what if it happens agin two days fron now - should I then do the whole renaming/delete thing again?

You are correct. It’s a display bug, the Songs column shows Songs with the same name too often.
Will be fixed with the next update. We will also rename Songs when adding, if any with the same name is in any other setlist.