2.0.14 - still

Dear @musicullum and @Spork ,

Quick test in the morning, unfortunately while I can do workarounds these issues seems to be stuck:

Video fade-in at song strart (mostly unsuccessful):

MIDI CC at the beginning (despite of chasing) these CCx=0 are pulling my SENDS to zero at song change, but not doing… (okay, I could change to V2’automation, but can’t because of the video and DMX problems, so still have to go live with V1):

Can’t copy/paste MIDI List Editor value to new value… sometimes work, sometimes not… while no inline editing avaiable just to change one single beat:

MIDI CC … really unvisible, mentioned when PrgCh was introduced the integrated visualistaion (at least at MIDI-Chasing-ON would help)… tell me where is the CC here, my eyes are flodding out, but can’t :frowning:

Sorry, I know, both of You are doin your best, while I need to do my best on the stage too. (also had a crash yest eve during technical check with v1470, but don’t want to stick with v1 any more)
What can I do help to fix these as soon as possible?

Admittedly, some issues could not be solved in time. Coming soon, sorry.

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thank you @musicullum , I appreciate very much!

@musicullum , just checked 2.0.14 and green lines are still there on much of the older videos and on png’s. While you work to solve it, is there anything i can do on my side to avoid them? Maybe if i re-encode all the source videos and png’s to 1080p (applying black bands endcoded in the files to mantain axpect ratio) this will solve resizing/aspect ratio problems? If i save the re-encoded source files with same previous names and locations, i should be able to mantain current project without editing videos from the beginning… shout this be a good workaround?

Regards, Ciro.

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Still working all the time on this super weird problem. I’m afraid there is no workaround. You may try to resize images to have the same with and height, possibly with a black frame, but it looks as though that doesn’t help either.
Working day and night on this and will not rest until solved.


@musicullum I really appreciate your efforts, but please don’t overwork :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::blush:, i found two workarounds!!! And maybe thac cam also help you tackle this bug.

I re-encoded everything in 1080p@30fps and the png in 1920x1080. In a new project, i frist imported the png, then created other video tracks and imported multiple videos with crossfades. Everything in 1080p. This works without any green lines!! Yay!! BUT in my already done project if there is a video trak with the png, green lines still shows. Two solutions: i made a video from the png, in mp4 1080p, set the png track output to nd, then deleted the track, made a new one and used the mp4, it worked. Other solution using the png: i set the png track output to nd, then moved the png on another video track, BUT NOT AS THE FIRST EVENT, IT NEED TO BE AFTER A VIDEO. then deleted the png track and saved. Closed and opened again, create new video track and move back the png on the new track, still not at the beginning. This way no green lines, then i moved the png at the start, this time no green lines… a bit complicated, there is something very strange about it, but doing this worked!!

Ciao, Ciro!

@musicullum another way to make any png work, is not to leave a track with only png, noticed that if i put a video of the same main video track resolution in the png track, even by duplicating main video in the images track, no green lines. So now i’m duplicating main video on images track, only a little snippet by reducing the event size, and setting intensity on 0% on that video. Perfect workaraund and problem solved for my entire project!

Thanks a lot, these are valuable hints which point in the direction we’re already examining.

You have my current project for testing purposes as well. A lot of videos present the green lines issue with 2.0.14 when played after the .PNG logo

Wildly aware of that.

we may not have fixed everything but at least a few, especially Song change should work much better now, pls check again with todays’ version and maybe consolidate a report what issues are still stuck for you.
Green lines remain on the list though. They had to wait but not forgotten.