2.0.15 Bug List

Ok… Here goes the first bug I notced.

When Multi processing is enabled audio stops a few seconds into play back. This seems to happen only if there is a tempo change on the tempo track.
So the song with tempo change plays for a bit and then freezes, then the play head continues but no audio comes out. At this point even if songs are changed audio doesn’t come through. No metering on the faders of the audio channels also.
I disabled MultiProc and restarted VL and it seems to play fine.

… macOS or Windows?

Thank you,

Windows 11 Pro, i13900 CPU, 32 GB RAM. RTX4050.

@Spork I tried it with the session I gave you earlier. The bug shows in that project as well.

I also don’t notice any difference between multiproc being enabled. Whether enabled or disabled I see 4 cores being used to a reasonable extent.
But then again my session has only 2 audio tracks and lyrics, and sometimes 1 midi track that triggers another dmx program.

Will check tempo changes.
MP uses cores for channels which are independent. If there isn’t much to do, you will not notice much difference. It only makes sense for a larger multitude of instruments, stacks etc running in parallel.
If you don’t need it, don’t activate it, because it can be counter-productive if plugins, video players etc implement mp themselves, or fight for cores. Also as long as CPU is fine and there are no audio crackles, other processes such as preloading for loops etc may perform better because no CPU is “stolen” from those.

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