2.0.15 Lyrics to slow

We tested version 2.0.15 yesterday and after the last problems we paid particular attention to the display of the lyrics in the LiveMods app.

In 2.0.15 the lyrics are displayed in the app when you switch back and forth between two songs in VST after the tablets are connected.

If you start a song, the lyrics are also moved, but too slowly. We tested this with songs that worked perfectly in other (older) VST versions and were “in-time”.

We are pleased that we are moving towards a solution here, but even in this version we cannot really use the lyric feature.

Since you mentioned this, i did some checks.
Lyrics don’t show up randomly on the iPad app. The 1st song lyrics show up in the app and if you go in order, then it randomly shows or doesn’t show the lyrics.
If i keep moving between songs, lyrics sometimes show up and sometimes doesn’t.

Can resize lyrics be made available on the iPad app?