2.0.15 Multi Processor crash and other things...- mac

Mac Air Intel, sonoma.

As soon as I turn on multiprocessor support VL crashes

Hm… just tried to switch on multi processor without a project loaded and it worked ok. Could then load the project.

…however absolutely no audio output from tracks, layers or stacks, playing tracks don’t even show in the mixer in multi processor mode. Switching back to single processor made it all work again.

I now have major stutters in playback in this version. Unusable for live work.

Also: Crashed back to login screen during playback. Weirdly lyrics were still scrolling in Live Mods even though VL was nowhere to be seen when I logged back in.

vstlive-2024-06-11-161833.ips (190.7 KB)
vstlive-2024-06-11-162036.ips (197.2 KB)

Hope these help…

Thank you all for your help.
With Multiprocessing enabled, and sends across Groups activated, it is almost certain to crash, very sorry for that. This case never occured w/o MP.
We will of course fix it with the upcoming version, until then we strongly recommend to leave MP disabled.

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Understood and thank.

And the stuttering in single processor mode?

Can you point me to your report?

Dear @musicullum . I’m experiencing fatal crashes here too when inserting/removing plugins to my GBL-STACK. Seems similarly only happens when MultiProc is active. (WIN setup)

Stuttering was mentioned in my second item above - one of the “other things”…

When MP is off, there is no change. But will try to reproduce, any hints?

Sorry no hints apart from it was the fourth or fifth song in a row I’d played while rehearsing. Of course RTZ, try again, and it was fine. I wonder whether it’s related to one of the VSTs - I have a mix of Halion Sonic, Kontact 7 & Triton Extreme but only one of them is in use in any single song. Halion would have been in use when I had the problem.

@musicullum - don’t sweat on it. I’ve just ordered a windows laptop for VL…

Did you “File/Preload” ore even better “File/Preload Parts”?
When you play a Song for the first time, plugins may still be loading. Preload helps to “prime” those. With “Preload Parts”, they are also processed once to make sure they have all initialization done.

I always have preload checked

So you start manually after choosing a Song, or is it auto starting? If you start manually, do you give it some time or start immediately? Are there DMX or video tracks involved? etc…
Sorry if you mentioned elsewhere, too much to keep track, and after the last changes couldn’t reproduce it anymore. And as always, try again with todays’ version to come, thanks.

1st track is the show intro and is a single stereo track. This plays song 2 automatically. The rest of the songs are set to "goto next’ and are manually started. All songs, apart from track 1, have audio tracks plus VST’s plus a vocal stack and a synth stack.

DMX? - I wish !!- doesn’t work on my Mac Air at all
Video - none

installed 2.0.21
when i switch on multiproc, VL crashes immediately. With Multiproc off also very poor performance, Audio crackles, no midi sending to the helix, Cpu bar always red
only audio and midi files, no stacks, no layers, no vst plugins …
same project works in 2.0.14 well

win 11 HP elitebook 840 G6, 16 gb Ram


To be honest, I dont think its fair to switch MP mode while playing :sweat_smile:

if i start with multiproc on, I can’t even start a song …

Maybe it’s all my fault, but then I’m not the right user for VL :sweat_smile:

No, I mean: press stop, change, press play. All other are true, exept smooth transition at switching

Not your faiult, we’re still struggling with it to be honest. Busy fixing…