2.0.20 Save Archive - Mac Air Intel, Sonoma

Trying to migrate from MacBook to Windows - great test for the archive routine…
Exports 2 songs worth of audio (2nd and 3rd songs?) out of 24. Have I really got to reconstruct my songs?

Hi @CliveJ , basically there is nothing else to do then

  • Save Archive
  • Move archive folder to another computer
  • Open
  • Enjoy

(At least it’s working me between my Win and Mac computers)

@fkalmus - I’d love it if archive works but it doesn’t save all the song audio…

Okay, that should rather be a local issue.
There is a quite logical way how vl is searching for missing files, therefore - most probably - if you can create an additional copy of your audios, and merge with the new folder on osx, meight do the fix quickly

Aha! - works fine in 1.4.70!

The only change was an option to save all Songs, not only those in active setlists.

I don’t see that option and I didn’t use set lists yet.

File, Archive, select folder - what am I missing?

My mistake - found a rogue setlist with the 2 songs in it, but still don’t see the option to save all songs

You guys try to keep us busy, ha?

Not exactly, I have enough to do - and so do you :grinning: Interestingly the rogue setlist was not active so why did VL pick it up?

Dear @musicullum , are you sure it has been allowed to the public build? Seems “Save Archive” is really “just” saving archive, no xtra option can be seen (as discussed before, meight be handy sometimes, but not a high prio for sure)

On windows 11 i see the dialog. Maybe you checked don’t show again? Go remove all the don’t show again in preferences and retry it will show " do you want to archive all the media files of the songs not only in current playlist?"


Hmmm… what am I missing to see?

Mmmhhhh strange… try to remove all the don’t show again … that’s what i see… i left it unchecked because it’s useful to select every time if i want to archive everithyng or only the active playlist.

This is a macbook. There is no option shown, it goes straight to exporting. The only item in “don’t show again” is for audio outputs. Still doesn’t answer the question of why it exports an unselected setlist.

okay tested now with my WIN11 setup too.
It seems, the popup window appears on WIN, but not under OSX.


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We’ll check. Thank you :slight_smile:


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V2.0.24 and still no pop up on OSX (tested on M1 mac), WIN11 is fine as @fkalmus reported.

… sorry for being late. Fixed now. Please re-try with the next Update.


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