[] VST live freezes with midi monitor

Hi guys,

I created a layer to send a PC.

In midi out, I set Virtual Midi Out 1.
In midi monitor, I set Virtual MIDI In 1.

I excepted that only one midi message would have been send, but it seems that lots of midi messages are send without stop.

Hi! Update to ……21! It has been fixed last friday so far :wink:

Oups, indeed, I forgot to update…
That’s why it is useful to make version into [ ] :slight_smile:
Thank you

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I just installed V2.0.21.143 and I have exactly the same behavior than the screenshot above.

You may have created a loop?

  • new project (!) - vital, often forgotten
  • if no Layer add one
  • Layer out to VM 3
  • add PGM CHG
  • Midi Monitor to VM 3
  • add Part
  • select Part 2, Part 1
  • PGM CHG and Bank Select sent (once)

Exactly the same séquence but using vm1.

Yes, and MIDI IN 1 is routed to VM 1 which creates a loop, right?

Yes, but why it creates à loop ? Monitoring is just read feature.
Vm1 out for layer and vm1 for monitoring

vm are “cables”, VM Out X sends to VM In X.

Yes I know, but if vstl sends only one midi message, it will send one message on cable vm1, and monitoring will see this message via vm1.
No ?

yes, and MIDI IN 1 will see it too, as it is also connected to VM In1. Then it sends to the Layer, wich sends to its out, which sends to VM In…see?

Hi @musicullum , indeed, a loop was created but not between layer and monitoring.
My mistake was to assign Vm1 IN to layer MIDI IN…
I’m sorry