2.0.21 Save problem? [Solved]

I’m currently creating new songs. I noticed under Windows 11 that when I create a new song and then save my work in the “File” menu using “Save” and then close VST using the close button (top right), the program asks me if I want to save my work?! Even if I just saved the file as described. Is something duplicated? Or is there a problem?

Reported a few months ago, but to be honest better saving twice … so I could live with :wink:

I agree, but it still seems like a problem.

I also noticed that the window for the “Save dialog” often opens in a different location. Why is the position that the user sets not saved?


It does not in my place (Windows 11).
What exactly do you do?

This is managed by the Operating System.

The save dialog appears on different locations on screen - I am examining this…

hmmmm. interesting. My setups (both WIN11 / OSX) are prompting me to SAVE in the middle of the main screen.

I used VST yesterday along with my browser (Edge) and again the dialog opens on different places on screen. This is new. I didn’t had this experience with VST jet.

It is a Problem of the Operating System (Win11 - Windows Insider Programm) Sorry for that!

Told you so.
keeping us busy, ha?

This is of course not my intention, but nothing changes as often on my system as VST :sunglasses: