2.0.21 Track-Positioning Problem [Solved]

I’m trying to align imported audio files in the track tracks. I copy the value from the first track (mp3) and paste it into the following tracks, but it turns out that the copied value is not being adopted correctly. This happened repeatedly with different songs/audio files. Even if I try to enter the desired (correct) value manually, it is not adopted.

The inaccuracy when inserting (previously copied) values ​​lies in the last position!
If the position of the sample in the track has to be here: 0002.4.2.045 then you have to increase this value to 0002.4.2.047 so that the sample is then moved to position 0002.4.2.045 (as actually desired). That’s annoying! Why copy the values ​​if they aren’t processed correctly?

… can you please tell me the tempo of your project?

Thank you,

Hello @Spork , sure - Living on a Prayer / 120 BPM.
But that ist not important, the problem occurs at the moment in all songs (different bpm).
Oh one thing - maybe this is important.
As you can see in the short clip, only one (mp3) track is positioned in the “Root-Level” all other tracks of the Song (in all our Songs) are grouped in a subfolder “Backings” maybe this helps to find the problem.

What I do:
I place the mp3 of the complete Song in track one.
All our song files have the same length an the same count-in click.
I use this (also visible) clicks and the zoom function in VST to allign the Clicks to the BPM/Metronome in the song - so that our drummer can use the Metro aswell. When Track one is aligned, I copy the value of the start position of the track/file and copy this value to the other files in the “Backings” folder to align these files the same way.
Hope that helps!

… fixed, @Detgyver. Please try with the next Pre-Release.


@Spork ,
great to hear! I will test and give a feedback.


Hi @Spork ,
yes, works now perfect! Many Thanks!