[2.0.22] eLicenser Problem [Solved]

I am now experiencing a problem, that occurs only in VST Live (not in Cubase 13 Pro, SpectraLayers 11, Dorico 5, WaveLab 12 or Nuendo Live) When I start VL I don’t always get this message but it appears more and more often.

I can use VL without any (new) problems, all other Steinberg Software do not show this message.

After - oh so many years without any problems (and a quick hunt below the desk) I pulled out my eLicenser dongle because it is not needed anymore and it seems that the dongle is causing my (Message-)Problem :wink:

Belive or not, licenser dropped the same or similar Windows while playing on stage…… but thanks to the developers concept, it didn’t pull VSTL to exit

Yes, that’s annoying. Of course, it disrupts every performance when something unexpected is displayed, which also takes up valuable space on the screen that you have put a lot of effort into configuring for the performance.
But it only displayed the message shown above, no error occurred.

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