2.0.22 minor UADx FX insert issue (resulting crash on WIN11)

HI! this isn’t an urgent one as never inserting FX while playing live. Meanwhile when changing/dropping/replacing my UADx FX’s in the ch INSERT slots during PLAY-ing, the program tends to crash w.o. *.dmp cration (experiencing on WIN11)

We found a few obsacles with both UAD hardware and Software (Spark) plugins. One type causes warnings inside the debugger, but should have no impact for the user (possibly later, in a different context).
The second is that there may be a message from UAD asking to open UA Connect, and it might be that that message may be hidden or casted in a “bad” situation.

However, all UAD plugins run fine here so if you can narrow it, that would be useful. The warning mentioned above only happens when replacing an already running UAD plugin with another one. So “inserting” may mean a) to an empty slot or b) “over” an existing one. In the latter case, the cause could be the destruction of the already exsisting, or installation of the new one.

What exactly do you mean by “crash” here? Had a case where the UA Connect message was hidden behind some window, which may make you think it’s frozen, because it doesn’t react until message box is served.

Dear @musicullum ,

Not urgent and I will be more cautious. Hovewer regarding my experiences:

  • it only happens during PLAY
  • (AudioMP == OFF)
  • only happens with UADx/WIN11 (with UAD on my Mac and no such there)
  • “crash” means collapse exit (w.o. dmp file creation)
  • instertation to empty: no problem!
  • removing, replacing can cause long (30sec) hanging or fatal crash
  • was looking for the best sounding solution with UADx’s:
    • the new VERVE machine
    • the new LA-6176
    • LA2A

If you think later screen capture or further nfo might help, feel free to let me know about!

so only win and only when removing an UAD plugin? what if you just remove, not replace insert (nc)? will check myself when back.

Tested yest late eve, rem VERVE UADx just kept cycling WIN11 for cca30. then got back. Interesting that .23

  • no crash with
  • can’t produce any issue at all for 2nd rem to (nc) cycle (same INS. same UADx)
  • e.g LA2A loads/removes like flash now

(BTW dropped VERVE, although it does the magic with my DPA4099, measured and has cca 750samples proc time that is a bit too much for live @48k)