2.0.22 remaining bugs

Hi! installed 2.0.22 and give some feedback, from my point of view:

MIDI area of the app is developed a massive, as we say here “eats, drinks and gives high-five” :wink: While personally (and maybe another non-MIDI-focused people) would ask for some attention / fixes / improvements in another areas in the app:

1. vMacOS still not “playing” ArtNet out on else then UNI#0 (while REC seems started working on >UNI#0 :slight_smile: )

2. Meight CRASH at setlist change or can:

  • take relative long (40-60secs) or
  • stuck for minutes (or forever) or
  • even crash happens with no dmp is created
    (exp. both on MacOS & WIN)

3. Audio MP meight still having some issues… (in STOP state, ticking ON, closing prefs, hit PLAY…) not playing, transp.buttons stucking, finally CRASH w.o. crash dmp (WIN only)

// 4. My Audient EVO8 selection… SOLVED. Seems caused by the crashes… When all goes okay, no such probl. //

5. Song with 1 audio, 1 midi#cc, 1 video file meight take 8secs to load (for 1st time. Navigating back and forth reducing this… but that isn’t a solution in primetime). I’m sorry, meight not have as much time for (this isn’t v…22 specific)… but admit some half second preloading/buffering is meight be necesarry.

6. Project loading (and saving) is unfortunately still taking 1:30-2:00 minutes… (I know, You’re on it already)

7. All prev. DMX engine and track related issues (annoying crackling in audio, slow song change load/offload), clip cut freeze… while talking about 0,5-5MB DMX files… they should be nothing for both of my computers (with i7, mem.16- and 32GB, onchip nvme-ssds). While in industry a few ten universes are easily handled by a laptop. I’m bagging for some brilliant magic touch from Your hands.

8. At CLIP dragging “+” icon appears regardless that is a non-copy-dragging

9. DMX track faders / dimmers (that are present from V1.0.x) I still missing to be able to use them (while not for me, but for some other eqip park, a ch panel to opt-out dimmed chs would be handy too).

10. misc:

  • NOTES section font-size change issue and the way of time-stamp insertation
  • MIDI track faders (insp vs. track) are using different scaling (lin. vs log.)

(11. finaly asked from users in the past)

  • LYRICS inline editing
  • lyrics file import
  • MIDI tpo import

((( 12. last but not least: iOS app :smiling_face: )))

If I can give any further info, proj file, example, anything, I’m happy to provide. I not just rely on this app now, but making others too. Therefore asking for understanding my pressure.

… thank you, @fkalmus. We are doing our best and we will keep you in the loop,

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Will check. It’s “might” btw, not “meight” :slight_smile:

Tried that many times w/o problems. Do you have any specifics? Remind me what your audio interfaces are, and do you see that on both OSX and Windows?

Same setup is blindingly fast now here, but it does depend a lot on the video file/format. What video file? Presumably, no such problems w/o video? And how does Preload Parts improve this (or not)?

That’s two issues. As for loading, given those many DMX events that you have it may not be easy to improve. “Regular” projects with 30 Songs and Layers plus backing tracks and extensive IEM routing loads pretty fast.

As for saving, we found a way to improve, presumably significantly.

DMX: Still on it afaik.

MIDI track faders are linear by design, as MIDI data is linear (0-127) and it is up to the device to decide what to do with it.

All else are wishes, so…issues first. Thanks for reporting.

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[quote=“musicullum, post:4, topic:919747”]
It’s “might” btw

Will shoot screen rec with all the actual settings. it’s a win only experience (but to be sure, I will connect the same EVO8 to my Mac)

Will send it. Rendered with DaVinci

I don’t know what the trick is, I see You put lots of effort. @CliveJ ’s programmed songs are loading for long seconds too. In lighting apps song loading time is quite zero. But for sure would be unfair compare with $$ softwares.

Yuhuu, thank you :slight_smile:

That is true :slight_smile: I’m just mentioning because track insp vs track fader scaling “looks/behaves” me different.

Issues 1st, yes and thank you for taking care :hugs::hugs:

Just to add my two-penneth:-

  • Audio track start - the 1 second delay in playing has come back. Was also there in 2.0.21
  • MP does not like DMX to ArtNet - all playing stops after a while, no CPU activity. If I’m lucky it won’t lock up until the middle of track 2. If I turn MP off it seems ok but yet to do an extended test.
  • The 5 second delay in switching tracks (select next at end) is still present.

Edit: this is on Windows.

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Did you Preload Parts? Is that on auto Song change, or manually? Cannot reproduce it anymore, sorry.

Set up test environment with ArtNet and run for a long time with several tracks and MP enabled, at 64 samples, no such problems. What can we do to reproduce?

Probably related to first item. But we’ll have another look what could cause this.

In order…
I always preload parts.
I’ll try and narrow down the DMX but all I did was hit play on each song.
Thanks for taking the time,