[2.0.24]. Bug

The good news is that my parts are now changing by song part triggers. Thanks.

The bad news is I can no longer select songs by MIDI program change.

Due to lots of other issues I can’t use
anything later than 2.0.14.

Could you please try to not break something when you fix something else?

Spent the whole day troubleshooting instead of making music.

I send a program change on MIDI channel 16 as per the action I set up and nothing happens on 2.0.24 but it works in every other version.
The program change shows up in the MIDI monitor as usual.

I’ve tried every MIDI channel, different CCs, Dial, Slider, Button, Toggle.

Seting buttons to Next/Previous song work but not Select Song.

Unfortunately you are correct. The “Select Song” Action is broken and will be fixed with the next release, sorry.

Thank you.