[2.0.24] Viewer Window - No PDF/File-Transfer with Archive

The “Resize-Problem” for the Viewer-Window is now fixed with version 2.0.24 but the Viewer-Window stays empty when I transfer a new Archive of our entire project (VL 2.0.24 and VST Viewer 1.0.61) via USB-Stick to the rehearsal Laptop!

I configured the Viewer Window to show an individual PDF-File for each song (with further midi-control for automated page turnover) but the viewer stays empty. I will open an extra threat for this problem.

… good to hear. Thank you for the feedback.

… yes, I see. But this “problem” is not new. It’s a generell Plug-In problem. The problem is that the VST Viewer stores only the path to the PDF file. Let’s say your PDF is located at “C:/myfiles/myfile.pdf” on your Computer_A. Then it should be also located at the same path on Computer_B.
… but we’ll work something out to fix that problem.

… and it worked with 1.0.60? Yes, a new forum entry would be fine.


Hi @Spork,
It only works on the computer where I configured the project because all files/paths are available but if you try to transfer the project via “Archive” to another computer it is not working. I was expecting, that the pdf files are transfered the same way like the audio files (.wav/.mp3) are transferd with the archive. And it didn´worked with 1.0.60.

Please excuse me for coming back to this topic, but it is really very important that the documents used in the “Viewer/Global Viewer Window” (I use a lot of PDF documents) are saved/exported in the “archive data”!

We have a very large and sometimes complex repository system in which we save our “master data” and since this repository system is edited daily, it would be an enormous effort to always keep this data synchronized on the rehearsal room computer and the backup computer.