[2.0.3] Insert Effects

In normal VST Layers if a VST instrument is not present it is replaced by a placeholder. Editing other parts of the project and saving the project retains the VST instruments.

But for insert effects on the mixer bus it just gets removed and saving the project in this state completely removes the insert effect.

Both muted channels have insert effects on the original computer

I’m not sure if this is intended behavior or if this happens on the stack inserts as well. (haven’t tested). But it would be great if the insert effects gets the same placeholder treatment as well.

I generally create the projects in my house workstation saving the files to Dropbox and sometimes want to add lyrics/chords to the project from a laptop which only has VL/Dropbox work stuff… etc. If I do that and save the project, it completely destroys it.

There is a separate stage computer which gets the project by save archive > USB stick.

We will check to see if we can make it work as you expect it to.

@talporal, it’s fixed now and ready with the next update.

Thank you for pointing to that one,

Thank you so much.

I can confirm that on 2.0.11 that all the insert effects on both stacks and mixer channels now have placeholders when vsts not present. Saving the project in this state and going back to another computer with vsts installed works as expected.

Related to this subject, is there a way to see a list of missing plugins and media files for the whole project? This could be handy migrating from one stage computer to another to be 100% sure that everything is installed and all the media files are present.

We have added “Song Media Files” to the Song menu for the next version, which shows files used in the current Song, and whether they could be found.

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Dear @musicullum soundz lovely :slight_smile: Will “relink media” avaiable within the new “Song Media Files”?

No, it’s display only. Relinking is not as simple as one may think, but we have it on our list.

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@musicullum Before 2.0.11 when opening the project on the computer without the insert vsts I’ve got a pop-up window with a list of missing vsts (only insert effects and not instruments) . I believe now because they are replaced by placeholders as well this pop-up window does not appear.

Maybe this pop-up can be quickly modified to show all the missing vsts with placeholders and made accessible under some menu. I do not know if this is easy or not. It just seems like most of the work needed for this is already done but might be overlooked with all the things you are working on constantly.