[2.0.6] Channel order in mixer STILL buggy

Hi folks, reported this issue on earlier topic concerning version 2.02 but as it didnt get attention, new topic here.

Issue is quite simple to reproduce:

  1. Create new project
  2. add some channels and reorder them
  3. save
  4. load
  5. find out that channels are not in that specific order you saved them.

This is very annoying issue because I have assigned mixer faders to certain controllers, and when I load the project, I have to rearrange all mixers channels to get correct controllers, per song.

Hope we get a fix soon.

… which exactly? Every detail is helpful,

I added an instrument track and another output track, and there are also a playback track with audio file, then rearranged channels as shown here:

Then save & exit VST live → reload and things look like this:

Note that in order view, the radio button “Project” is activated instead of “Part” which was active when saved.

Also visible a text glitch in order view… the “Part” area texts slide over “Project” area in some cases.

I can confirm this for 2.0.6.

Problem seems for me that it reverts to project order although I select part order, example (with “Order” visible):

I open my project and select the mixer view in one of my songs:

Not the order, I wanted/selected (and it definitely was in part order). I want the Drum channel to be the last one, so let’s try to fix it:

Now it looks as expected, part order is selected, I can switch to another song, then back to this one, everything still fine and part order is selected, so I save the project and quit VST Live.

Going back to the same song after restarting VST Live, it has reverted to project order and my customization of the channel sequence is gone:

To make sure it’s not a problem of my project file, I just tried to create a new project from scratch, two songs, each with one part containing three or four layers, shuffled the layer order, selected part order, saved the project.

Again (as with my real project) - reverted to project order and layer sequence changed.

Test project attached here:

Test Channel Order.zip (489.1 KB)

Very annoying bug, as using my HW controller’s faders and dials relies on the correct channel order.

… we can reproduce it now and will fix it,

Good to here. This is the main reason, why I’m still using 1.4.64

… we’ve found the problem. We are really sorry. The fix will be added to the next Pre-Release.


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Thank God I found this thread. I thought I was going CRAZY!

Hi! Install yesterday’s 2.0.14 and give a try. Installer can be found here on Forum only