[2.0.6] inputs routing issues / questions

Win11 + UR824
I’m trying to route audio played from the PC (MP3 player app or Spotify) through VSTL. I was expecting this routing to be exclusive but I must be missing something …

Audio from PC is routed to the digital out of the PC on-board soundcard and physically goes in SPDIF-B of the UR.
In Devices / Connections, I created a “SPDIF-B” in, connected to stereo 11-12 (seems that the UR labels this way SPDIF-B).

Added a stack, connected to my SPDIF-B in.
I do get the signal (visually & audio) , but if I mute (M) or put the fader fully down, the visual signal stops but I still get the audio. Like if the UR was also getting the signal in parallel of VSTL. Is this as expected ?
I have a similar setup in Cubase (an IN that takes the signal from SPDIF-B for referencing tracks played from the PC) and Cubase controls it all, exclusively.

Also, in Connections, if changing in the input from Stereo 11-12 to to SPDIF-L (only) or SPDIF-R (only), the signal received in the Stack remains on both channels. Is this as expected as well ?

It sounds to me like cross talk in the way you’ve used the sound card.

I use VB-Cable, which is freeware/donateware for a stereo connection. This creates a virtual connection which VSTL can see as an input. Works perfectly.

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Another solution is to use the free “Sessionwire” plugin.