[2.0.6] Video problem

Hi there, This version solve the video issue concerning strange display / not starting video.
But when a track tries to display an image (e.g Logo) on the same output device as another video track, the image doesn’t show. (PNG file)
It worked perfectly on 1.4.64.
Thx for your help

Ohhh! Did it work with? I was wondering about from the very beginning (see my old topic below):

But gave it trying as the answer was: transparency not supported…:man_shrugging:

It worked (and still works) in 1.4.64, and all the black zones where treated as transparent when overlayed with a video track on the same output

Hmmm, interesting! Meanwhile that meight rather be a bug, as we usually expect transparency handling at “real” transparency.

That’s weird, because that is exactly what my test project does, butter-soft and silk fades. Using your video but a different image. Tried various images jpg and png.
What am I missing?

Transparency (alpha) is not supported. But real (!) black is treated as transparent.
Pls let us know exactly what issues remain in 2.0.6 or later with images and fades.

When I start a song with the same setup as your test project, sometimes it works, sometimes the logo don’t show (black screen), even until the video starts, sometimes the logo appears and the video flickers with stripes and vertical artefacts problems, and if I mute the Logo Track and then restart the song then unmute the logo track everything works fine… And sometimes, after a number of tests, the program simply crashes.

Ohhh! Good to know, thank you!

We can still reproduce such problems with imgages. It may take until next week to resolve it, sorry.

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Hello, seems the Pre-Release 2.0.12 solved my problem. So far my videos behave as they should. Thx to the team’s hard work